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Sunday, September 7, 2008

NOBama for this Mama

After Bug’s, Lady N’s, and now Lady T’s comments, I began to wonder if I’d given the topic enough consideration before publishing that last post. I have, therefore, spent a good part of the day researching the exact crux of this unsavory topic. While the questions about why Obama orchestrated the demise of the Illinois bill may never be fully understood (especially in light of his using the chicken way out of taking a stand by voting "Present" instead of Yay or Nay), there is one thing that is crystal clear: Barack Hussein Obama supports, with all his heart and soul, the ‘‘Freedom of Choice Act’’. And according to his website, he will pass it into law as quickly as is humanly possible should he become president. And the Freedom of Choice Act allows for the post-delivery murder of infants.

While I personally could never choose abortion (a fact for which Bug should be eternally grateful), I have always defended a woman’s right to make that decision for herself. With one caveat: I don’t think the option should be available past the first trimester unless there are specific, extreme, extenuating circumstances. I have always based my decision on the fact that somewhere between the 13th and 16th weeks of gestation, the tiny being, whether you want to call it a fetus, a baby or a blob, begins to feel pain (Read the first paragraph under ANATOMICAL AND FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PAIN PERCEPTION for a quick overview of this topic). As a mother, hell as a human being, the thought of causing any other living being pain is simply unacceptable. (We even mandate the humane (pain-free) killing of animals and death-row inmates by law!) And once you understand the stages of development of a fetus, I personally can’t understand how anybody could choose abortion. Especially after the 12th week.

Even with this personal opinion, I have never judged any woman who chose to have an abortion whether out of selfishness, desperation or ignorance of other possible options. I have counseled women, some my own “kids,” while they cried and agonized, trying to decide what to do. I’ve supported them through the days, weeks and months after the abortion as they worked through the process of grieving and the reevaluation of their lives. (Yes, even the ones who knew in their hearts that they’d made the right decision for their own lives went through some sort of grieving process whether it was for the lost child or their own lost innocence.)

I’ve walked with them through what I call the Wondering Times: I wonder what he/she would have looked like in that outfit. I wonder if he would love baseball as much as my dad does. I wonder if she would have wanted to play dress-up like my niece does. I wonder... I wonder... I wonder... and on it goes even for those who KNEW they’d ultimately made the right decision for their own lives. Not that they all would have made a different decision even now, but there is still (at least for everyone I’ve worked with) a bit of pain in living with the aftermath of that final decision.

That pain is often magnified 1000 fold upon the birth of their first full-term baby when the reality of that long-ago decision blasts them full force in the heart. The only thing more painful than being the person who has to watch her suffer through the guilt and grieving process all over again is being the woman who has to live through it. But none of this is why I’m revisiting this topic. I am back here again to talk about why Obama’s stand on the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) concretes my decision to NOT vote for him.

I have a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR issue with the provision allowing a woman (as stated on page 8, lines 6, 7, and 8), “...(C) to terminate a pregnancy after viability where termination is necessary to protect the life or health of the woman...”

It's that word "viability" that sticks in my craw. By the document’s own definition on page 7, lines 10-15:
10 (3) VIABILITY.— The term ‘‘viability’’ means
11 that stage of pregnancy when, in the best medical
12 judgment of the attending physician based on the
13 particular medical facts of the case before the physic-
14 cian, there is a reasonable likelihood of the sustained
15 survival of the fetus outside of the woman.

Did you read that? “...there is a reasonable likelihood of the sustained survival of the fetus outside of the woman.” And this document is proposing that it should be killed even though it has a “reasonable likelihood of ... sustained survival....” And by the way, doesn’t a “fetus” become a “baby” once it’s outside the woman? Yet FOCA would allow for the post-delivery death of that baby if its life might cause some sort of problem to “the life or health of the woman...” This begs the question, WHAT HARM CAN IT DO THE WOMAN AFTER IT’S OUT OF HER that would be serious enough as to require the baby’s death??

It’s not MURDER, though, says FOCA – it’s “abortion” even though the baby was viable at the time it was removed from the uterus. Really? If it comes out alive and has a reasonable likelihood of survival, but is then allowed to lay there and die instead that's not murder?? Well then what does that say about the teenagers who give birth in bathrooms and put the baby in the trash can? What’s the difference? Is the scared, desperate teen’s act a crime simply because there was no doctor there to get paid for having induced labor so the child could be left to die? Why should these girls be raked over the coals in the press, be more traumatized and ostracized by the public outcry over their heinous choice and then sent to prison to PAY for their CRIMES, but the women who choose to pay a clinic or a hospital to kill the kid are allowed to go home and get on with the rest of their lives? Can anybody explain that to me??? WHAT. IS. THE. DIFFERENCE??? If one is OK, then they both should be. If one is not, then NEITHER SHOULD BE ACCEPTABLE!!

Second, I have a HUGE problem with the fact that they want to make this whole thing retroactive: (Starting on page 8 and continuing on page 9.
24 This Act applies to every Federal, State, and local
25 statute, ordinance, regulation, administrative order, deci-
1 sion, policy, practice, or other action enacted, adopted, or
2 implemented before (emphasis added), on, or after the date of enactment
3 of this Act.

Plus.. P.L.U.S. they want it to be enforceable by Civil action:
Page 8:
13 (c) CIVIL ACTION.—An individual aggrieved by a vio-
14 lation of this section may obtain appropriate relief (include
15 ing relief against a government) in a civil action.

Guess what, folks. If they make it retroactive and allow “relief...in a civil action” it could be interpreted to mean that any woman who feels that her civil rights according to this new document have EVER been violated can go back and sue the government. I know I'm excited about the idea of having MY tax dollars be paid out to every woman who ever made the choice to have an abortion even though it was against the law at the time. Hey, how about if we just go ahead and legalize ALL killings and then pay off the murderers who were "unlawfully imprisoned" by that bad law??? (Please note: In case you didn't notice it, the last two sentences were dripping with sarcasm when they came out of my head!)

Just one final note to all my kids: I applaud the fact that you are free thinkers and speak your mind. However, I also require that you all be polite and mindful that you (like your Damama) are not always right. As always, you are welcome to state your opinion as long as you don't go on any personal attack missions.

Ok - I'm done ranting. For tonight.
Peace, Blessings, Wisdom, Patience, and Love to all.


  1. You've given me a lot to think about. It's not that I disagree with a word you said, it's just than on many other issues I disagree strongly with the other side. The more I hear about Obama, the more reservations I have, but McCain not making me all warm and fuzzy either.

  2. When I saw your last post on this I also looked for more info.Even though My mind is already made up and has been for a long time that I will not be voting for Obama.

    This is deffinately not the only reason for that but it is a very major reason.Like you I agree with freedom of choice even though I would never personally choose that option.I do have a problem with it being used as birth control and I do have a problem with abortion after the first 12 weeks.

    I am glad that you took the time to research this though.Most times people get fired up over an issue and hear something about the politician and without researching comment on it without really knowing what they are talking about.

    So,NO Obama for this mama either!

  3. Thanks for so much more detail on what is such a disturbing topic. I don't see how anyone could effectively argue with you.

    I read a case from a nurse who was in one of thes late term pregnancies. She said the saline was administerd into the womb and they waited the appropriate time for the baby inside to die as is protocol (how can you read that and NOT BE SWAYED) and that is not all. Then the baby actually came out STILL ALIVE. It was left to die. She quit after that. It was too much for her to take. How could it not be.

    I heard a testimony from one girl who was speaking pro-choice. She was a late-term abortion gone bad. She lived. They injected the saline they do to kill the baby (fetus, whatever) and she was supposed to be still born. She was not. She was not parented by her birth parents (obviously) but adopted. She has cerebral palsy as a result, but she is alive and speaking out against abortion. Because she was and is in fact a human being who could feel and who deserved to live. I just can't see any other argument and I think anyone who doesn't is messed up. Not to hurt anyone's feeling, but I really do find it messed up to justify this as a woman's right.


  4. Being Catholic, and not of the Pelosi kind, you probably can guess where I stand here. I appreciate all the information that you have and it shows that you did a little fact checking, unlike others that are spreading false information about, anyone. The latest being this stupid banned book thing, if people would actually look at the list of books banned by Palin, in 1996, they's see several that couldn't have been banned since they weren't even written yet. Alas, why let facts get in the way of a good smear.

    I hate pretty much all politicians, by the way, and am not a fan of McCain either. Palin on the other hand... that's my kind of politician.

  5. Debbie - There is LOTS MORE that needs to be thought about in this election. Too bad the media won't give straight-up honest information on ALL the candidates. I'm not warm and fuzzy about McCain, either, but for me it comes down to the lesser of two evils.
    SgtsWive - I'm not immune to the all fired up bug, and that's why I thought I might need to do more looking. I'm glad I did. I just wish all the issues were this cut and dried.
    Angie - Wow! Every woman who is thinking of having a late-term "abortion" should have to personally talk to that girl. And about the arguing with me thing... There are a whooole lot of people who only hear what they THINK is true and are incapable of opening up their minds to anything that might rattle their "knowledge." Sadly, there are those that would stand in the middle of a hurricane and argue that it was a beautiful, sunny day. Makes me so sad for them. And for those of us who have to deal with their ignorance and arrogance.
    Roger - One of my favorite (although I don't always agree with him on every point) talk radio guys calls people who blindly believe whatever is printed or is spoken in the media "sheeple." How appropriate is that term for your example! LOL!

    I also like Palin. She's not afraid to live her values. That takes real true grit!
    AZ - Hugs!! Great big bear ones. ;o) xoxo

  6. I like Palin, in that she speaks her mind and acts on her convictions. Now, the getting per diem payments for hubby and kids when they travel with her? If the State government approved it, go for it. It seems a little shady to me. If I travelled for work and took hubby and the kids with me, I would not expect my company to pay for them.

  7. I'm don't have the warm and fuzzies for either but I agree with you Damama mcCain is the lesser of the 2 evils. I live here in Philly where every one wants The other guy, and it rubs me the wrong way so much, as they are not voting based on what is important, but on the color of his skin, they seem to forget the he, is not black, he is (somewhat like me) bi-racial. They dont seem to care that who you vote for not only will effect what happens now, but what happens when you child is grown, and your grandchildren. any of your readers are voting for Obama, They should look at his record, look at what he has done, and thoughtfully concider all of this before you choose who to vote for, please dont just base your vote on party lines or skin color,or age, vote what you really think is best, for you and the future. America can not aford to have the wrong people in the White House.

  8. Your main argument is that when the fetus can survive outside the womb, why abort it to save the mother's health? I suspect this stipulation is there because the Supreme Court has ruled that any bans on late-term abortions MUST include exceptions for women's life and health. If it weren't there, it comes back to the issue mentioned before of not being able to hold up to challenges in the court system.

    Our laws are not simply statements of what should or should not be allowed. The legal system is excruitiatingly complex, with checks and balances far beyond the basics most people ever experience in their lives. If a law isn't crafted to jump through these legalese hoops, it can find all sorts of problems in the future, destroying its true intent.

    I don’t know what you feel about the other issues, but I don’t believe that basing a vote on a single, complex issue reflects the wisdom that I’ve seen in your other posts, especially when based on legal minutia that does not reflect deeper intentions.

    Furthermore, while I would also like there to be fewer abortions, limited as much as possible to early term, I believe that the only way we can get there is with MORE openness in the system. A woman needs to be able to get appropriate birth control cheaply and easily to avoid an unwanted pregnancy in the first place. She needs to be properly educated about this option early on, so that she can use it. If the birth control fails, she needs to be able access an abortion clinic as soon as possible, without fear, if she has made the hard, personal decision that there is no way she can go through the pregnancy, be it for medical, personal, economic, or other reasons. Making women face harassment in order to enter a clinic is not the way to encourage a woman who must have an abortion to do so early.

    Reducing the quantity of late-term abortions will NOT come by electing people who will limit birth control and abortion options further, possibly to the point that the latter is not allowed, or perhaps to the point where even a pill preventing implantation of a fertilized egg is against the law.

    As far as presidential politics go, I am voting for Obama for the sole reason of general ideology - not skin color, age, party affiliation, celebrity, etc.

    8 years ago, had McCain run instead of Bush, he would have had my vote in a heartbeat over Gore. However, McCain has shown profound changes in ideology that suggest a more extreme neo-conservative (vs. the traditional "small government" definition of conservative) view, one that increases government powers over citizen rights. I find that to be completely out of line with the core values of a democratic society. I also find him oblivious to the realities of everyday life for the majority of Americans - he grew up rich, married rich, and lives rich. Seriously, $5 million or less a year is the cutting line for middle class? People making that much don't even define _themselves_ as middle class!

    Furthermore, I suspect the chances are high that McCain would not survive another four years. This means that Palin would become President. I've read much about her, even gleaning information from conservatives at townhall.com. I find her unlikely to support sound government spending practices; just like Bush, she took a balanced budget and quickly turned it into a large per capita deficit. She does not seem to know much about the issues or running the country, either, as I haven't seen her answering questions without a script. She should have expected the scrutiny of the press beforehand, and if she didn't wish it, she should not have accepted the offer. And the sheer fact that she doesn't think abortion should be an option in rape or incest cases makes me shudder.

  9. Well put, great research and citations so that we can go on to further explore more information!

    I'm with Amber (sgtsudswife)! No seriously I'm WITH her most of the time in fact I'm heading to her house right now to help move furniture!

  10. The simplest and most effective birth control is available to everyone...keep your pants on! It has not been tried and failed...it has simply been abandoned by a large portion of the population. Why do we expect people to not drink and drive, stay off drugs, stay in school, repect others, but think that asking for or developing self control are out of bounds.
    I too would never judge a woman who had an abortion...it's not my job, but if murder is illegal, this CAN NOT be legal...it is pure and simple the destruction of a distinct human being. Each of us has the right to choose...whether to engage in activities that may cause conception.
    This is not just one issue among many, if we do not protect the right to life of EVERY human being from conception to natural death, we have failed in our mission as a Nation to protect the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    NOBAMA for this mamma either.


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