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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why?? Has the world gone insane?

I know that there are always other things in bills that politicians don't want passed so they have to vote no on some really good legislation to keep the crap out. But WHAT THE HELL COULD BE WORSE THAN THIS TYPE OF MURDER???

You all know that I don't usually get into the political stuff. However, this one has got me so mad that I cannot in good conscience disregard it. I didn't like this man before, but after this, I wouldn't vote for him to be put out if he was on fire. If this offends you to the point that you don't want to come back here anymore, I'll miss you but it won't change my opinion.

Peace and blessings to all. And God HELP us all through this election year. No matter what happens or who wins, I fear it's going to get a lot worse before it's over and this nation re-finds its balance.


  1. He is NOT the answer!

    Sidenote... How was your trip to Chicago? Did you take it yet?

  2. AMEN, sister!!

    Thanks for the reminder of how important this election is.

  3. That was heartwrenching! Barack was on our crap list when we learned he stopped to rally in towns to each side of our Army Post but didnt bother stopping to meet some troops or show support to those of us left home while our soldiers are off to war. Lack of concern over our military is one thing but lack of concern over a defensless baby is unacceptable!

  4. I am totally against abortion on a personal level, but I would fight for every woman's right to make an informed decision.

    That video described a harrowing experience - but why did it have to end in such an emotive way with an obviously healthy baby? That ending cheapened the whole thing.

    However well they start out, all politicians are just that - politicians. We all end up voting for what we see as the least bad option. I'm so glad I don't have to make the decisions you are faced with.

  5. That video was horrible! I personally dont believe in abortion as on option for myself, but I do not believe I have the right to make that choice for others but this type of abortion shouldnt be allowed and anyone who thinks its ok is definately not who I want in charge of our country.

  6. I posted this on my blog a few weeks ago. I was just ill after watching it! I, like others have said, believe that abortion is not an option for me. However, I don't believe it should be an option for anyone! I believe that life begins at conception and that if faced with an unwanted pregnancy, there is always the option of adoption. (however, i do not condemn those who have had them. if God can forgive, so can i)

  7. You know, might help if I read my comments to see that my blog is where you got the link from! LOL...am replying to your comments now at my blog. :)

  8. I didn't get past the first minute before my stomach started churning. I hate Barak anyway, but this seals my decision to vote McCain.

  9. Oh, how horrible. I pray about what is happening to our nation. I'm glad you have an avenue in which to expose this type information. I already didn't feel right about Barak (and I wasn't going to vote for him anyway) and this just confirms my feelings. Thanks. Margie

  10. First off, he didn't vote No, he voted Present. Basically, abstaining. If you're going into politics, watch your facts.

    Senator Obama's job in that committee was to judge the bill's fitness, NOT it's morality, NOT it's legality, merely whether he thought, based on previous court decisions, this bill would stand up to Constitutional review. Obama stated very clearly that he was FOR the humane treatment of these fetuses. If he was merely voting for this on the main floor, he probably would have voted for it. But he is on a committee with a specific job. He voted the way he did because the language will probably be shot down in later court cases.

    Read his own words, here. Page 86, just search for the word "baby."

    The way the bill is written, if it were applied in a broad manner, it would completely ban abortions. I know some think that would be a good thing. Governor Palin, for instance, holds with "no abortion at all," even in cases of rape and incest.

    If you truly are a one issue voter, and Abortion is that issue, yes, your choice is clear. If you care about the broader issues of our times, the choice is also clear.

    OBAMA 2008!!!!

    Want a bumper sticker? I'll send you one for free!

  11. Oh darn - I can't see the video - but I figured from the comments what it's about - I've been hearing about this on the radio.

    Bug's right, he was too much of a coward to even stand up and vote one way or another, he only voted present.

    Still, (and I wish I could find the quote on this... I'm paraphrasing) his reasoning (among others, I'm sure) is that it would be a "waste of resources" to bring in another doctor to care for the baby when that's so obviously against the wished of the mother (who wanted it to die anyway).

    What a tool.

  12. Let me get this straight. Obama believes strongly enough that induced birth abortions should NOT be happening that he wants to make SURE that a law against it will stand up to challenges against it. And you're FAULTING him for this? People, geesh -- he has the same position on this as you do! Furthermore, he wants to make certain that a law against it is successful, unlike a lot of knee-jerk reactionaries who just automatically support any bill that says anything against it. New legislation needs to be able to stand up to the scrutiny of the courts, otherwise it's just a political ploy to sway voters one way or the other.

  13. It's definitely a heart-wrenching video, but it was designed to be.

    I believe that abortion is wrong, and I can understand why someone who's already at 20 weeks wouldn't just complete the pregnancy and then put the child up for adoption.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this issue - I will certainly begin looking into Barak's voting record on this issue more seriously. It's important to me that I see the facts for myself, rather than taking someone's word for it.

  14. I don't get all the details, because it's much more difficult to hear than to read english for me. If I 've well understood, actually, in your legislation, it is possible that a mother who didn't want to have her baby, and medical staff!!!! (that's more unbelievable!) leave a new-born baby (with or without health problems)without care, until he dies (more or less, I can't believe I'm writing this!).
    Even, in France it wouldn't be possible!
    I feel it's much more than a law problem. That's ethics concerning medical staff, and maybe, a lack of informations to these mothers, a lack of help or education,or psychological help I don't know. I would say, that doesn't concern government, that's a problem of humanity concern. If your government is concern it's just to punish such abuse. That's a great problem. I feel thre's a 'hole' that allows incredible excess about non respect of life.
    I can't juge Obama. I don't understand his position, but I think that the problem is elsewhere.
    And I'm against abortion, that's deeply inside me, it's much more than a Catholic feeling.... It's me, my mind.

  15. Amen to Bug and Lady N- people aren't listening to what's actually being said here, or the facts behind this piece of sensationalist trash reporting. This is an insanely biased, slanted report- I mean, it's Fox News for pete's sake!

    I do not understand how anyone can be self-righteous enough that they feel they can make the decision on abortion for every single woman in the country. If *you* do not want an abortion, you're not required to have one, but please do not try to enforce your views on a beaten woman, a raped woman, a victim of incest, a woman faced with the heart-wrenching decision of aborting an incredibly ill child.

    It's a shame that the right has managed to portray pro-choice activists as some sort of knife-wielding, baby-killing, God-hatin' group of infant murderers, and that otherwise intelligent, rational people are falling for it. I do not believe that any hypocritical group of old, rich white men, who continually abuse the middle class and then play them like a harp with a few hot button issues, should have any say over what happens to me and my body.

    Please, those of you who are considering voting for McCain, think about what you're doing. America has seen more division, strife, and antagonism in the last 8 years of this Bush presidency than ever before, and McCain does nothing but promise more of the same- more war, more destroying of our country in the pursuit of money and oil, more hypocrisy and lies. For those who have children, think about the kind of world you're creating for them to inherit- as an expat American myself, I can tell you it's a shame to see my country being destroyed by a few extremists.

    -Lady T (I believe I'm listed as the one that "should have been" Damama's =P )

  16. Obama has made his opinions on this and every other issue clear as mud - he basicallly states whatever the crowd he is addressing wants to hear. Listen to him in smaller venues. He maks my skin crawl. I heard him on an interview ina small setting on an obscure station state regarding similar abortion and moral issues no clear opinion, but rather insult his home state (and my state by the way) of Illinois as those outside of Chicago as being rural and uninformed and swayed by Christian radio because that is all the stations we get. Well, this redneck from downstate Illinois wants to tell Obama that I am in fact informed, educated, and IN THE STATE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING.

    In response to this. There are so many original Roe V Wade supporters that have switched sides it is difficult to count. Originally, facts and statistics were totally fabricated and the lobbyists go the media convinced they were true with respect to the number of illegal abortion occurring and deaths from those. When I say, fabricated, I mean exponentially fabricated to bring numbers that were in the thousands to numbers close to a million to total abortions and numbers of deaths that were in the hundreds to the thousands in order to get a stronger case. The past doctors and supporters admit it freely. Also, when abortion was legalized, we didn't have the sophisticated equipment we have today that shows shape and heartbeats and such at early phases. The doctors that were performing abortions did the "silent Scream" video with technology that did not exist at the time of the trial. They were beyond disturbed at what they saw. They never intended for abortion to go to the extremes which it does. Read any details on what abortion actually does and is for the infant inside and you will be swayed. Seriously. It is so disturbing. How does the murder of so many millions of infants go on being justified by so many that are so liberal, yet they are the same ones often against the death penalty (which I also do not agree with). When is life valuable and deserve protection and when does it not? How can anyone pinpoint the exact moment in time.

    I find it tragic that our country places such little value on human beings.



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