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Monday, March 17, 2014

What a mom says.

I hear women say all the time say that their mother’s voice rings in their ears. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but more often than not there’s a bad connotation to the comment. And I remember when, as a young mother myself I’d hate it when my mother’s words come out of my very own mouth.  As I get older, though, I have come to realize that what I heard her say and what was really spoken may have been worlds apart. 

When a mother says “Be careful”
  • At 5 her kids hear “Mommy loves you and wants to keep you safe.” 
  • At 13 her kids hear “I don’t trust you to make wise decisions so I have to control your every breath."
  • At 22 her kids hear “When are you going to grow up and learn to take control of your own life?”
  • At 45 her kids hear “Here’s some advice. Take it or leave it.”
  • At 65 her kids hear “I need you around to take care of me.” 
And all the time what she’s really saying is “I love you so please don’t leave me because I’d be lost without you.”

So the next time you get irritated at something you hear your mom say, please stop and think about what she really meant. You just might be surprised...

Peace, Love, and BE CAREFUL!

Damama T


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