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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Military Wives deserve so much respect...

Please head over to Brandy's corner of the blogverse and read her post "What is a Military Wife?" WOW! What food for thought. It makes me so much more grateful for my life. I am awed by the sacrifices made by these men and women to ensure that the rest of us can have our dull, trying, relatively normal lives.

Thank you, Military Wives. I, for one, couldn't do it.

Peace, love and many, many blessings and prayers for the swift and safe return of your loved ones.


  1. Thank you!We appreciate all the support from our friends.

    I love being an Army Wife and when other people show appreciation for what our soldiers do and what we do it makes it even more worthwhile.

  2. Thank you for all your support!
    I love my soldier and my military life and some days this life isnt easy but knowing that we have friends who support us helps make it easier.

  3. The wives that holding up the forts at home are the ones I worry about most. There just isn't any training out there for how to get by without a spouse for a long time and do it well.

    Oh, and Brandy rocks!

  4. My family is a huge supporter of our military :-) I teach my kids to respect and honor those who serve our country. It is very important to me. My nephew is in ROTC and I could not be MORE PROUD!


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