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Monday, November 16, 2009

Outtakes - Papertowel Perplexion

Kids STILL say the darndest things!

I walked into the public restroom to find a little girl waving her hands in the air while talking to her mommy who was still in the stall:

Mommy: Are you washing your hands?
Cutiepie:  Yes, Mommy. I finished.
Mommy: Okay. Dry your hands and stay right there. I'll be out in a minute.
Cutiepie:  I can't, Mommy.
Mommy: Why not?
Cutiepie, still waving her hands in the air: The towels won't come out.

It was then that I realized why she was waving her her hands around: she was standing in front of the old crank-style papertowel despenser trying to activate a sensor to get a towel. After stifling a chuckle I helped her get one.

Cutiepie to me: Thank you, Ma'am.

Mommy (who was obviously having some serious potty issues and thus unable to come out to check on who was with her daughter): Sarah, are you still there? Is everything alright?

Sarah, to her mother (at which point I literally snorted out a chuckle): Yes, Mommy. This old lady knew how to make it work.

Mommy: Sarah!

Just then another stall opened up and I entered, sparing the poor mother the humiliation of having to face me. While it was the funniest stinkin' thing I'd heard in a while, I knew from experience that Mommy would have been mortified to have had look me in the eye.

Peace, Blessings, and Never doubt that Old Dogs with their Old Tricks do sometimes come in handy!


  1. Kids have their own personal outlook on the world, and they speak as they see. Wonderful!

  2. Miss A Dorable tells me all the time that I'm old. Any time I tell her I can't do something, she says, "Cause yoo ole."

  3. lol Old is relative. I hope her mom heard her say, "thank you, Ma'am".

  4. Yes kids do say some embarrassing things, but you are not old. How funny that she couldn't work the paper towel machine. It shows how technology can work against us.

  5. Oh, how funny. Thankfully you could see the humor of it. I loved that you snorted. I just simply love a good snort. And how nice of you to go into the stall so the mother didn't have to see you. You're a GREAT woman, YOUNG and DARLING!


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