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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Twenty Five Years

One-quarter of a century of birthdays and Christmases.

Three hundred months of love and laughter.

9,125 days of successes and failures, sadnesses and joys, triumphs and defeats.

219,000 hours of growth and understanding, of wisdom gained and sanity lost.

13,140,000 minutes of life void of a mother's advice. And annoyances.

Not one moment of regret for having been chosen as your own.

It's been twenty five years since I last heard you say, "I love you, my angel." Yet, somehow, I know that you've never left me. I've felt you near; heard you whisper softly in those wee hours of the morning when I'm not quite awake but not fully asleep.

I see your presence in the mirror of my mind when I have to live through hard times.

I remember the laughter in your eyes when I use one of your lines to deal with difficult people.

I live in the warmth of the love of the heart of the kindest, most loving and giving woman I've ever had the honor of knowing.

You were only my mother here on earth for 17 years, but you have never stopped being my mother here in my heart.

Happy 25th Heavenly Birthday, Mom. I love you very much. See ya in a few...

Mother and me - 1967


  1. This is lovely...and so are both of you! (I would have identified you in that old picture anywhere - honestly.)

  2. OH, You are just so sweet. It is so refreshing to see such an open, grateful hearted person who writes so well.

  3. That is a sweet tribute to your mother! You both looked stunning in the picture.

  4. Hi Damama,
    My Mom's birthday was
    April 1st ...poor lady...always getting April Fool garbage from my brothers! That was beautiful, and of course made me cry...
    Can you imagine, it's been 32 years since I could "nuggle up" (as my snorkie would say) with my mom? Thank God for my children...they sure do help.
    Pax Christi

  5. Beautiful, Damama. And my aunt used to curl my hair the same way. I hated it. :) But your's looks pretty that way. Of course, mine would be almost over my ears.

  6. What a great tribute. I have tears in my eyes. Big hugs to you!

  7. This was so beautiful - it brought tears to my eyes. I know your mama is proud to have a daughter that loves her so much!

    Take care - Kellan

  8. Kalynne - Thank you. Now go sand down your nose. It's splintering! ;o)
    Rosebud - Hi lady! Long time no see! Thank you for the compliment!
    Brandi - My mother was a stunning woman inside and out.
    Elizabeth - Mother HATED April Fools' day crap. Technically, she should have died on the 1st, but everyone in the family agrees that she hung on so she wouldn't end up being a bad joke. ;o) She had a wicked sense of humor like that! LOL!

    Hopefully, you have lots of fond memories of your mom's birthday anyway.
    Margie - LOL! I'm so glad Mom never cut mine so short it'd do that up-to-the-ears thing. I would have hated it, too! LOL!
    AZMom - Dry your eyes and go hug your Bug for me. xoxo
    Kellan - No matter how bad things got, she was always proud of me. Amazing woman. Totally amazing.


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