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Monday, March 9, 2009

Have you scooched down lately?

Well, it's that time of year again. You know the one I mean. That wonderful time when the sun shines and the birds sing merrily as life goes about the business of renewing itself. That time of year when we get everything cleaned out and spruced up. That wonderful time of the year when, after a job well done at home you can lay back and relax while you contemplate the wonders of the ceiling in your gynocologist's office.

Mrs. Hughes and I have so much in common but she tells it a lot better than I do!

As soon as you stop giggling, pick up the phone and make the appointment. We all have to go through it. Might as well get it done with the rest of your Spring Cleaning!

Peace, Love, and Scooch down, please.


  1. Thanks to a hysterectomy...I'll never have to hear those words again ;-)

  2. I had a hysterectomy too, but since they left in my cervix (I know TMI--but it wouldn't make sense if you didn't know that so...) I still have to *scooch down*. What a comparison though with the spring cleaning.

  3. Oh good gravy!! That's hilarious! Love your comparison to spring cleaning!

    Have you heard/seen Anita Renfroe's bit about the mamograms? I'll try to find it on YouTube and post to my blog for ya, if you haven't.

  4. Ugh! My internet connection is too slow tonight. I guess I won't watch the video. I think I'll pass on the "scooching down" as well.

    I have seen the Anita Renfroe bit.

    I miss you Damama. How've you been?

  5. Thanks for the good laugh before bedtime. I'll sleep great now, hope I don't scooth down in the night. I could end up in the bathroom.

  6. Oh darling, I loved that! I laughed so much I nearly wet myself (and if you think I'm going back for more poking, think again!)
    I'm off to bed now. I'm sure to have sweet dreams!
    Thanks for all the lovely comments I found when I switched on.

  7. Ugh, the scootching! Thanks for reminding me...in a funny way, at least!

  8. AZMom - According to my doc we still need periodic checkups to be sure everything is still where it's supposed to be and nothing extra's decided to grow in the empty spaces. I still go every couple of years just to be safe.
    Sandra - HEY CHICK! Glad to see you out and about. When I had mine done they kindly left one ovary. Thank you. NOT! I'll have to tell you about THAT fun sometime! LOL!
    Teri - Good gravy! LOVE THAT SAYING! Haven't heard it in ages. LOL! I haven't seen Renfro's mamo thing. Will look forward to seeing it over at your corner of the blogverse. TTFN!
    Brandi - Hi darlin! Hope you were finally able to see the video. It's a hoot! I'm good. Will be over to see you soon. xoxoxo
    Lynne - Laughter is always good. Hope you got a good night's sleep.
    Dragonstar - I figured that you, more than anyone else who reads my silliness would truly get what Mrs. Hughes was saying. LOL! Glad you got a good laugh. Shall I send you a gift card for some Depends before I publish anything else I think might cause you to leak?? LOL! ;o) xoxoxo
    Angela - Question is, did you make the call??? ;o)


    Love you guys! You make my day!

  9. Great reminder. I always put mine off - thank goodness I didn't last year. Scored myself into a follow-up visit and a little extra-cleaning out for some precancerous cells.... So Go Girls and Git 'er done!!

  10. Next Door Girl - I'm so very glad you went when you did! I had the same experience in my mid 20s. Very scary. Be sure to do the follow-up visits, kiddo, so you can continue to give the good advice to others for years and years and years to come.

    Thanks for popping in. Hope to see you again sometime.


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