If you can't make it better you can laugh at it. ~Erma Bombeck


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


That's what I feel like I've been playing since my last post. I managed to pinch a nerve in my back and have been mostly out. Drugs are gooooood. But they haven't dulled the pain enough for me to spend much time sitting at the computer. I'm feeling better now, though. Some. I'll be back around to check on everyone as soon as I'm able.

Thanks for the prayers that I know you are sending up for me right this moment 'cuz that's just the kind of loving people you are.

Peace and blessings for you. And sweet Oblivion for me.


  1. Hey, How'd ya know? Of course I'll send up some prayers for you!
    BTW how is your girl doing? I'm praying for her too.
    Pax, EJT

  2. I hate those back problems!!! I've had two back (disk) surgeries....they suck....but you're right, the drugs are gooood! Good luck...I hope you are back to the regularly scheduled crazy!;)

  3. Ouch! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

  4. I hope you feel better soon, and now you have a great reason to kick back and relax and read a good book.

  5. Ouch, been there before. It hurts. Listen to Brandy and read a good book. Prayer already sent. Hope you feel better soon. Margie

  6. You're right about the prayers. Hope you're up and typing soon.

  7. Drugs are gooooood!! I love that line -- you make me smile even when you are in pain. Feel better soon!

  8. I was wondering where you had been! Sorry to hear you are in such pain. I hope you get well really soon!! Big hugs!

  9. Love and huge (but very gentle!) hugs to you.
    Take care of yourself for once - you need looking after right now.
    See you when you feel better again.

    BTW - love the cartoon!

  10. I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I will continue to pray for you - you are a constant in my prayers :) - please take your time to heal, so that you don't end up worse.


  11. Get well soon! I'm definitely praying for you.

    Definitely take Jennifer's advice and don't overdo. I learned that the hard way.

  12. Feel better soon, We miss you.

  13. Please hurry and get better. I need your humor. I love the cartoon. So true!
    Those back problems can be a big pain in the... uh, back end. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  14. Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. I'm pretty much back to almost (my) normal now. It will take me some time to catch up, but I'll be around soon.

    Love and gratitude to all!

  15. Sending you (((HUGS))) and get well wishes just in case...

  16. Hugs and prayers to you. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


  17. You take care of everyone of us, it's time for us to worry about you. You annouce that you taken ill just the day I left Paris (to a place where we don't have connexion)!
    I ignored otherwise I would have sent you a kind prayer, and cheering words. I look like an indifferent person, now!
    Hope you feel better today, sincerely.


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