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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Distinctive and Blingy Awards

It's great being blonde - with such low expectations it's easy to impress. Pamela Anderson

I guess we need to raise the bar or something, because I’ve been honored with a couple of really wonderful awards:

This was given to me by Debby Yost over at THREE WEDDINGS or Die Trying.

It was created by Working Mum On The Verge to honor blogs that make you, "think, laugh, cry or sigh." The only rule is you should pass it to another 5 blogs. This will be difficult since so many blogs I read fall into this category. I will pass it on to:

Jill at Thou Shalt Not Whine because I cannot go there before I take a potty break or without a box of tissues because I know I’ll be laughing so hard I’m leaking from one end or the other OR BOTH before I leave!

Jules at Just Because because I’m touched not only by her words but by her wonderful photographs.

Jennifer at Siguiendo Mi Catracho because any woman who is brave enough and strong enough to move her 7 children all the way to Honduras to be with her husband and to try to make life better for the children there, and who can maintain her sense of humor in the process, has my undying respect and admiration.

Angela at angelawd because she is smart, funny, talented, loving and strong.

Kalynne at The Philosopher-Mom because anybody who can stay sane while raising 9 kids and wrangling 135 students AND be hilarious in the process is one amazing chick!

This tiara is what Angie over at Keep Believing called BLING. Nobody but Hubby ever gave me BLING before! Thanks, Angie, I’ll wear it with pride.

There are a couple of others that I can see wearing these crown jewels, too.

Lisa over at Rollin’ With The Punches does this mommy thing the hard way: From a wheelchair. Her 6 wild injuns insaniacs angels are really cute, too.

And, in my traditionally non-traditional way of doing things, I’m awarding this to Mylhibug – the DADDY blogger over at Bug Tries Again just because I get a kick out of his wit and willingness to be silly. And any man who can hold his own in the mommy blogverse deserves a crown!

Thank you, Debbie and Angie. I am so honored that you deem me worthy of your praise.

Peace, Blessings, and Honor to you all.


  1. One word ((((((HUGS))))))

    Okay, more than one word, but math was only my strong point up to university. I lost my wits somewhere along the way between marriage and kiddies. *sigh*

    You are the sweetest!

    (((((more hugs)))))

    And how is your Your Girl doing these days?

  2. Akkk! I forgot to check the follow up box, and then hit the publish box instead of the preview. I'm all aflustered.... thank you again for that special award. I feel honored to be in such special company.

  3. congrats! You are definitely deserving! :-)

  4. Congratulations. Margie

  5. Thank you so much!

    Let's see if my technological incompetence (in re the ability to pick up code from another page) is as amazing as the other stuff you so kindly say.

  6. Congrats on all the well-deserved love!

  7. And you are so deserving of awards! Thanks for being a fun and inspirational read.

  8. Oh very cool! ;)

    You do have an awesome blog and you deserve the awards!!!!

  9. Hey, my computer finally let me get to your comments. I've tried every day since you posted this. Congratulations!

  10. Hey Damama,
    I jumped into the blog pool!
    I'll figure out how to post a blog roll etc eventually...I don't even have any photos up (nor have I finished my profile for that matter) Oh Well...Iguess there is a learning curve, huh?
    Pax, Elizabeth

  11. I know and read 3 of your choices (Jules, Kalynne, and Mylhibug), quite dayly. I'm with you, those distinctions are deserved! these 3 blogs are written with skill, humor, they are all talented. I'm still wondering how a daddy blogger manages to hold on without getting onto sports/car stuffs ;)
    Now I have to glance on the 4 others. I'm sure I can trust in your choices.
    Can we really create our own distinction to award the best (in our opinion) blogs, or use those we find reading other blogs?

  12. Thanks for the award, Damama! How sweet of you to think of me.

  13. Jules - You are welcome. No need to get all aflustered! LOL!
    AZ, Dragonstar, Margie and Angela - You are all so sweet. It IS nice to be loved. ;o)
    Debbie - Hugz and smoochies. ;o)
    Kalynne - You are welcome, but faking incompetence does not become you. ;o)
    Burg Mom, Heather, Tammy, Brandi - Thank you all so very much.
    Elizabeth - Welcome! I'll be over shortly to see your new digs. I bet you've got it all decorated up by now!
    Catherine - Yes, you can make up awards of your own for anything you feel is important. And as long as you let the person your borrowing it from know what you are up to, I'm sure nobody would mind you passing one alongto whomever you see fit.
    Angelawd - You are welcome, sweetie. Hope you are holding up well. xoxo

  14. Thanks Damama! I was so flattered that I forgot to thank you. :-)

    I even managed to keep it on the little side panel thingy. I am so into technical speak, aren't I?

    Thanks again for the kind words and beautiful tiara!

    P.S. - The girls are NOT getting this one. It's mine, all mine!!!

  15. Congrats on your awards. Well deserved!

    Thanks for passing on the "crown jewels" my way. It looks so good on me I don't think I will ever take it off. lol

    I just finally got it up on my blog. But like I said in my blog, it really should go to the people that are helping me behind the scenes, making my job look easy.


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