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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hoohoo would have believed it?

PARENTAL WARNING: This one may raise some questions you don't want to have to answer! Read it before your kids do!

God love my friend, Margie! She keeps me in stitches most of the time with her funny emails. This little story is one she sent me. I checked it out on Snopes. It is apparently a TRUE STORY!!

DRINK SPEW WARNING: Do not read this while you are drinking anything (AZMom) or you may spew it all over the screen when you get to the last line!

True Story from Houston Medical Center

A man went to the hospital to have his wedding ring cut off his hoohoo.

According to the Nurse attending, the patient's girl friend found the ring in his pants pocket and she got so mad at him, she used petroleum jelly to slip the ring on his hoohoo while he was asleep.

I don't know what's worse:

1) Having your girlfriend find out you're married.
2) Explaining to your wife how your wedding ring got on your hoohoo.
3) Or finding out your hoohoo fits through your wedding ring!

MMMMM... nuff said.


  1. Ooooooo! Start the day the Damama way! LOVE IT!
    Er, do you think he had big thick fingers?

    Thanks for your visit, and all your kind words. I'm so glad you found me all that time ago.

  2. That's pretty funny. I don't know that I'd be creative enough to think of something like that. I'd probably just run out crying.

    BTW, I posted my album cover on my blog. Feel free to go figure mine out, although you'll see that mine isn't that tricky.


    What an awesome way to start the day :)

    Thank you for that laugh.

    Oh yeah, and thats why I love stupid people ;)

  4. I think the fact that his wedding ring fits on his hoohoo fits may answer why he feels the need to cheat on his wife. Not a lot going on down there and a low self-esteem!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Maybe a size 13 ring size??? ROFLMAO Thanks for the morning smile today!

  6. They missed one from the list of what's worse: Having your little (ha!) problem blasted all over the Internet so much that Snopes feels the needs to confirm it! ROFL!!! KK in KC

  7. Dragonstar - And all along we thought it was related to shoe size!! LOLOLOL!

    I'm glad I found you, too. Thanks for coming by, Ms. Popularity. With all the traffic you get these days, I'm honored!
    Heather - I'd probably have just taken his driver's license and mailed it to his wife saying I found it in my bed. heh heh heh... Now I wonder why I would think of something like that? Who me? Do something so vicious?? YOU BET I DID! but that was a long time ago - Wish I'd thought of this instead, though!! LOL!

    I'll be over soon to decipher your album cover.
    Jennifer - Glad to give you a laugh. With the days you are having, you need all of 'em you can get!
    Deb - ROFLMBO!!!!! And having his hoohoo manhandled and/or ogled by the whole ER couldn't have helped!!
    Sandra - Let me see, Hubby wears a size 12-1/4, so a 13 wouldn't be much bigger. And believe me, if hand size was a relative indicator, that would definitely not make it worth my while to mess with! LOLOL!!!

    Glad to see you. Now tell me WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BLOG?????
    KK - OOHHH! I hadn't even thought of that aspect! Thank goodness for HIPAA, or his name could have been attached to the leaked reports! LOLOLOLOL!

    Happy Sunday, all. Thanks for spending part of your day with me.

  8. ROFLOL!! No drink in my mouth this time! LOL That is too funny. I have ER stories from my friend that will split your side. Remind me to tell you about an Avian bottle story he told me..it's not fit to publish but it's funny!

  9. AZ - See, I remembered my promise to warn you ahead of time! LOL!

    I have ER friends, too, and OH THE STORIES! If your water bottle story is anything like one friend's lightbulb story, THANK YOU for not putting it in here! Some of these more gentlewomen might have fainted right out! ;o)LOLOLOL! MAN! The things some people find pleasure in?!?!?! See ya soon.

  10. Thanks for the Drink Spew Warning!
    The Strawberry Milk I'm having with my Peanut Butter Sandwitch would be a nasty mess to clean up.

    Hum? I'm sure "Mr. Hoohoo" was in a Mess for sure!

    Too funny!I'm still laughing!

  11. Ewww.

    But I do have a question. If she could slip it on with petroleum jelly, how come they couldn't get it off that way? Was there an event missing somewhere in the middle?

    I know, I'm taking all the fun out of this story.

  12. Rosebud - That would have been a huge mess! You can thank AZmom for the assist!
    Susan - Thanky, ma'am.
    Angela - I had that same discussion with a nurse friend of mine and she said she'd heard that he'd messed with it so much that he'd caused some pretty serious inflamation of the non-arousal kind. His little buddy was apparently raw and in a lot of pain by the time he finally gave up and went to the ER. I hate to laugh at his pain, but DANG! Since he was cheating, he deserved what he got!! LOL!

  13. OMG thats all I can think to say. I'm speachless

  14. Whoa baby, that's a good one - what a quick thinking girlfriend. All I can say is "boo hoohoo."

  15. Oh. My. Gosh.

    That's the funnies thing I've read in a long time. :)

  16. Grace - I can't imagine you being speechless. LOL!
    Motherwise - AMEN! Makes me wonder if he was taken to the hospital in a WAAAAAAmbulance?? LOL!!
    Tammy - Welcome! It's always great to have someone new stop by. Glad to have given you a laugh! Hope to see you again soon.


    Love and thanks to all who have shared in this "fact is stranger than fiction" moment.

  17. Oh my that is funny!!! I must say I thought of number 3 as soon as I read what happened!! That would be a little sad, but hey the guy did have a wife and a girlfriend. Maybe he is just a really charming guy! :)


  18. Christina - I'm sure he's a real charmer. Too bad he couldn't charm the snake outta that ring! LOL!

  19. This isn't just a "hoo hoo" hoot but a real "ha ha!"



  20. Squirrelmama - LOL!! Glad to see you here. I need to get over there and see what's up in your nutty world! See ya soon.


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