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Monday, February 25, 2008

CREATE YOUR OWN ALBUM COVER: An exercise in randomness.

Poetikat had this on her blog the other day. I love futzing around with PowerPoint (I taught Hunker D. everything he knows and that's how he was able to create my wonderful header!), so I decided that this is a "meme" that's right up my alley. And, HEATHER, I'm still working on that music one. There are just so many songs out there that are so significant in my life that I'm having trouble pulling it together. I promise, I haven't forgotten.

Here's what you are supposed to do to create your own album:

Go to……

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
    (The first article title on the page is the name of your band.)

  2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
    (The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.)

  3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
    The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together and post the results on your blog.

And here's mine:

How interesting is it that the random picture turned out to be a watery scene and the album title was about water! And that filling up and not emptying out thing that ties into the education thing??

This whole thing is just one more piece of proof to me that there are no coincidences. Either that or I'm just good a making stuff up when I want it to work! LOL!

Whatever the thing to the thing happens to be, if you decide to do it, please let me know so I can figure out how yours goes together, too! I figured out Poetikats. You should go over there and take a look at it. It is wildy weirdly connected randomness!

Wishing you Peace, Blessings, and Connected Randomness in all you do.


  1. (Damama, singing to the tune of Billy Joel's The Longest Time) Wooooh oooooooh ooooooh. How long will the title go? ooooooh oooooooh oooooooh...

  2. I started to do this, but I got a little worried about using someone else's picture. So, I have backed down from it. I can tell you what turned up.

    Band name: "List of works by E.T.A Hoffman"

    Album title: "human life any longer"

    Album picture: a sunset over water viewed from behind a wood slat fence

    Don't ya like that band name? I tried again and got something to the effect of "a list of ?? of Congress".

  3. Brandi - If that isn't the perfect description of what an album cover for the soundtrack to a movie made from one of his books, I don't know what ever could be! See?! Connected randomness! LOL!

    I don't think this particular use of an image would cause any problem, since we aren't selling anything here. Especially if you emailed the person and let them know that you were having fun with their pic and were going to credit them with it. (wish I'd though of it! LOL!) But I certainly respect your concerns. You really don't ever know how someone will react.

  4. If you link to the Flickr image, giving credit to the creator, I don't believe there's a copyright infringement. In fact, the creator will probably welcome the publicity! Yours is the best I've seen so far Damama t. I love the interconnectedness. It kind of symbolizes the strange unity we have as writers on the net; wouldn't you agree?

  5. Poetikat - I've done it several times now. Each result could somehow be tied together logically. Maybe we've discovered a new and strange version of the Kevin Bacon game. LOL!

  6. That's cool! I'll post mine this weekend. And don't sweat the music meme. Only do it if it's fun and interesting for you.

  7. You are a fountain of amusement and knowledge, so it works!

  8. Heather - Can't wait. And the music thing really is something I think will be cool. I just have to get it done! LOL!
    Burgh Mom - Thank you!

  9. HI there - haven't read it yet...comingback later to readit and get my daily smile/laugh/chuckle... off to take the boys to soccer practice... hurry, hurry, can't be late just wanted to say thanks for visiting... later :)

    Just Because

  10. I clicked on the links to see what would come up, but I'm to lazy to put it all together. My band was "ALF Characters" title was "waste of time" and the picture was of a young lady... interesting.

    Your comment on my "Jeep" post was so funny, my husband had to show "bubba" your comment. The really funny thing is, is the guy moved up here from Texas. Only, he doesn't really fit my image of a bubba. He's hispanic. LOL Poor guy's never going to hear the end of it. My husband showed my post and your comment to all the guys at his work.

    Your post about families being built is so true. That has been on my mind the past couple months, because, although we do know how to have fun with our kids, we have been slackin lately and it really shows in the kids. We all have been starting to get a little nasty to each other. I'm convinced it has everything to do with putting things we THINK are necessary to get done before spending time with the kids. Now that hubby's got the floors done (yippeee!) we are going to have to get back to F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Forget About Me, because I Love You) Thanks for the great reminder/confirmation post.
    BTW, I think you have a new fan of your blog. I've caught my husband reading your blog twice now. LOL

  11. Jules - Glad you are keeping your priorities staright! You can come back here whenever you have time.
    Lisa - ENTIRELY TOO FUNNY! LOL! I'm so glad your husband liked my little bit of Texas teasing. Tell him he's welcome to weigh in anytime with his own comments. I'd welcome a man's point of view!

    Re your Album cover - Alf characters + waste of time. Need we say more??? And I guess the pretty girl was just thrown in so it wouldn't be a total waste of time! LOL! Thanks for playing! (With me and the kids!!!)

    OH, and I LOVE THAT F.A.M.I.L.Y thing!! WAY COOL! Never heard it before.


  12. I tried this some time ago, but I couldn't work out what to do with the results (clueless!)
    I'll have to go and try again.


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