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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Dinner Companion

This is why we don't eat at the breakfast table anymore...

Peace, Blessings, and Food? You gots food up der??


  1. Poor puppy.
    The dog we had when I was a teenager did the same thing, except she would lay her head on your lap and whimper.

    I'm just glad we didn't have a glass top table.

    This is totally random but for some reason this reminded me of the time my friend told me that her brother got in big trouble for eating all of the chocolate Easter eggs.............until their dog started coughing up tin foil.

  2. How cute. My grandmother was 89 when she passed away and loved, loved her dog. A couple years before she passed, she was, uh, a little bit, not herself. We would have to watch her very closely when she ate because she would try to feed her dog from her own fork. I know, gross, but she would have never done this had she been "all there".

  3. Poor dog! At least the chocolate didn't kill him! And I bed he wasn't just coughing up foil... heh heh! LOL!
    Dragonstar - YOU NUT! ;o)

    Kathy - Poor puppy,nothin! He's spoiled rotten.
    Pamela - That being cute thing gets me in more trouble! He gets away with way more than he should because of it!
    Margie - When I get old, if I wanna feed my dog off my utensils I'll fork anybody who gets in my way! LOL! At that age I'll have so few pleasures left, what the heck! LOLOLOL!


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