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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goodbye NV. You will be missed.

I met NV in October of 2008. We quickly became fast friends --most always joined at the hip. NV was the smartest little thing that I'd ever seen. I was totally amazed at how quickly she could retrieve a world of information from the recesses of her busy mind. Her ability to identify any song by not only its name but also the artist and album from which it came was astounding. I tend to get lost because of an horrendous lack of any sense of direction. NV, however, had this built-in navigational sense that kept us from ending up in south BFE more times that I can remember.

Late this afternoon, in a misguided attempt to become an Olympic swimmer, NV dove head-first into the shallow end of our pool. Sadly, despite my heroic efforts to fish her out as quickly as possible, she drowned. Mostly because there was no friggin way I was jumping into 60 degree water to save a suicidal CELL PHONE!

RIP Sweet NV. Your replacement comes tomorrow. With any luck the insurance company won't have any more of your siblings and they'll have to send me your nephew, Envy 3. At least then your death won't have been in vain.

Peace, Blessings, and Where the heck is that dang UPS delivery truck???????


  1. My sincere condolences for the untimely departure of your dear friend.
    I do so hope that her nephew will be able to bring joy to your heart.

    Our cell phones recently went into forced retirement after several years of loyal service. My cute pink phone will no longer be of service to me. I will no longer hear the Toreador song from the opera Carmen whenever I get a call.
    We were required to go to the mall to chose our replacement phones. We had to listen to the overly energetic salesman tell us of every bell and whistle and benefit of text messaging before we chose our new phones.

    This was 90 minutes of my life that I will never. Get. Back.

    I did, however, get a sleek new purple phone with a funky ring tone that causes Max to start dancing. I think I will learn to love this new phone.

  2. Wouldn't have done you any good anyway, the second she hit the water she was a gonner.

    RIP NV

  3. Yikes. Welcome back. I've missed ya.

  4. I read your previous post about you being so sick. I'm certainly glad you are better. In the event something like that happens again, get someone to let us know what's going on, please?? and thanks. :) Oh, yeah, sorry about your friend.

  5. I still miss my first clunky cell phone. When shut down it had a cute graphic of an elephant that sprayed the whole screen black - that's what I want back, not the phone!


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