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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Proof... And a winner, too!

... that on Saturday, November 21, 2009, MY REFRIGERATOR WAS CLEAN!

And if you look VEEEEERY closely you will see that


Now for the results of The Great Ketchup Debate:

75% of the twelves of ones of people who responded are of the misguided opinion that it belongs in the fridge. I will pray for your poor abused sauces...

And the winner of the contest amongst the commenters is Brandi. Congratulations, girl. And I won't even hold it against you if you put it in the fridge. ;o)

Peace, Blessings, and PANTRY!!!


  1. lol Do you want to come clean out mine? I've been doing a little here and a little there. I haven't had the time to just clean out the whole thing lately.

  2. we did not get a turkey yet. that should be my incentive to clean mine? also need a new keyboard, though the on screen option in vista does work.:)

  3. That's clean! I had to defrost my freezer a week or two back. I was ill, and went early to bed. Unfortunately the freezer door didn't quite shut. Came down to lumps of dripped ice, and had to set to right then. The only good thing was getting it clean and sorted, and it's still good and clean now!

  4. Brandi - 1. You are welcome! 2. If I was closer I'd be over to clean out your fridge in a heartbeat... just so I could rescue the ketchup! LOL!
    Mommee - We didn't buy a turkey either. The big bulky thing is a ham we're taking to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. The only reason the dang thing got cleaned out is because I opened it and it smelled like .... you don't wanna know! Turned out to be leakage from the bag the shrimp had thawed in. Almost made me not want to eat the shrimp. Almost. LOL!

    That Vista on-screen keyboard thing R.O.C.K.S! It saved my bacon bigtime recently when my keyboard died. Vista does have some advantages!
    Dragonstar - Oh I HATE that horrible feeling when you round the corner into the kitchen are realize that, as my granny would have said, ain't sump'n right here! We had the thermostat go out of the freezer once and had that same fun defrosting it. Who knew that would happen? I figured if the thermo didn't work it'd just stop getting cold, not get all frosty! Weird!

    The freezer will be my next cleaning spree. Preferrably sometime next summer when I need to cool off for a while! LOL! Good luck keeping yours clean!


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