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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Great Ketchup Debate - Survey and Contest

Take the Ketchup Survey!

While we are on the subject of food fun, I have a question for you:  Where do you keep your ketchup? Around here it is a constant battle to keep it in its proper place: THE PANTRY.

There is absolutely nothing nastier than dipping nice hot french fries into icy ketchup rendering them nothing more than greasy, cold potato sticks. And don't even get me started on the blasphemy of putting frigid red goop on my perfectly baked meat loaf. GRRRRR

Since the girls like it cold and Hubby and I like it room temp, I started wondering what the masses here in the blogverse think.  Soooo, if you would be so kind as to participate in my little survey I would be EVER so grateful.

Look over there to the right in my sidebar under that precious little nose picker. There's a survey form. I'm going to keep it up there unitl 11/15 so send all your friends over to vote. 

Plus, leave me a comment and once the survey's done I'll draw somebody's name out of a hat and send them a bottle of ketchup.  And yes, you can keep it wherever you want

Can't wait to see who wins... not that that'll make me change MY opinion... It'll just make me laugh at yours (if you happen to pick wrong!) LOLOLOL!

OK - now go back up there and CLICKY CLICKY!!


  1. We keep it in the fridge after it is opened.However, my children can not see open ketchup bottles when they are in the fridge, so they must open every extra bottle. That is why there are at least 3 open bottles of ketchup in my fridge at all times, sometimes more.

  2. We are like Momeeof9. it goes in the frigdge after it's opened, but then the next time it gets used, it doesn't get put back and ends up sitting on the counter so that the next person to need any won't see a bottle in the refrigerator, automatically assumes that we're out and will just open a new bottle.

    Same thing with the mustard.

    And pickles.

  3. We also keep it in the fridge after it is open. I like it room temp. and cold though. Of course, it's also good hot (meatloaf).

    Hot fries? What are those? I think I might have experienced those a few times. Then again...

    My mom says they used to always keep it out of the fridge when she was younger (vinegar content allowed this).

    My mil leaves a lot of stuff out of the fridge. It drives me crazy! I'm always finding soured food items out at her house.

    For what it's worth, my fries at home are better with cold ketchup, since I rarely get to eat them hot. Wait, maybe I just never thought about it before.

  4. I know the instructions say "refrigerate after opening" but that's rubbish! I don't know about the States, but ketchup was around in Wild Wales long before the ordinary person had a fridge.
    Mayo cold, ketchup room temperature - that's my choice.

  5. Fridge. I won't throw it out if it ends up sitting out all night, but once it's open we keep it in the fridge.
    (i get around the multiple open bottles thing by not buying new until old is almost empty...LOL)

  6. In the fridge - I mean doesn't the bottle even say refrigerate after opening?

    At least that's what I think it says. :)


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