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Thursday, December 4, 2008

MALE SWIMMERS - Who knew??

** Warning - this one may raise some questions you have an interesting time answering.**

Burghbaby Twittered that she needed a middle name for her new puppy today. She wanted one that starts with "J" and reflects his love of swimming. After immediately thinking of Jacques (as in Cousteau) I wondered what other famous male swimmers there might be with names beginning with J. So I entered a Yahoo search for "famous swimmers." The results looked promising:

I know that's kind of hard to read, but if you click the picture it will open the selection list for you. That very first entry says:

History, Famous Swimmers, Swimming Animals, Swimming Stars, Great Swimmers
Information on the history of swimming, famous swimmers from ocean swimmers through Olympians, and a look at a variety of swimming animals.swimming.about.com/od/swimhistoryandstars/... -
Olympic Swimmers Bios and Profiles of Other Aquatic Stars

Cool! I'm thinking this is going to give me a great list of swimmers, and it did. However they were all mixed in together, male and female, and not really all swimmers. Some were polo players and coaches. I wanted just a list of famous male swimmers. Scanning the page I spotted the words "male swimmers" in the lower left-hand corner. Bingo! I'm thinking that ya gotta love About.com. They always come through! How shocked do you think I was when THIS is what they came through with??

Again, I know it's kind of hard to read so you can click the image to open the actual page. However, if you don't want to do that, for your reading convenience I've pasted the page's contents below. Who knew the words "male swimmers" were so rife with possible responses!

Peace, Blessings, and Swimming success to all!


  1. Ha! Now you know why I abandoned Google and asked Twitter!

    I'm digging Jacques, but I like Jaws, too. Hrm . . .

  2. LMAO I can definately see why Burgh Baby left google search on that one! Too funny!

    Love the new layout!

    We're taking a day off from school today so I just happened to be doing nothing and could pop on over....hehe!

  3. Hey you! I told you that you would beat me to it! LOOKS NICE! You did good!

    Nice post - you are getting so techie now with all this stuff I can hardly believe it!


  4. That list is hysterical! I like Jacques - cute!

    Have a good Friday - Kellan

  5. LMAO that is some funny stuff!

    Love your new layout!

  6. Love your new layout. Good job. Margie

  7. My biggest google shock came when I was searching for Equipment for Car Washes. Go ahead, google "Car Wash Equipment", I dare you.

  8. Love the new look!

    That's kind of like the time I was looking for coloring pages for church and I got a Catholic Girls porn site!

  9. YIKES! I would have stuck with Jacques!

  10. You have to love the crazy stuff you can come up with when looking fo other things.

  11. Jellifish! For us it's Méduse. It's far more beautiful in American, maybe it's very common for you, for me it sound funny, like the name of a candy.
    Nothing to see with swimmers but Jasper? no?
    I've always thought that swimming developped a beautiful musculature for MALES. Remember that delicate women-swimmers from East Europe in the 80's.

  12. Ooopsie! Back to the drawing board!


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