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Monday, August 4, 2008

Random fun - Memes and a really odd test...

I got this fun bit of fluff from Jules over at Just Because:


That would be 16 as long as none of them were trained as well as THIS KID. Then I probably couldn't handle more than two at a time. (Who am I kidding - I'd be KO'd in 2 seconds flat!)

I'd hope they didn't have THIS KID announcing in the background, because then I'd be laughing so hard I couldn't defend myself. LOL! (Can't embed the video because they have it blocked, but you HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE to go take a peek. He is tooo cute!)

Have a great Monday! I'll be back live and in person soon. This time I plan on sharing lots of photos... I hope.


  1. I'm not even trying this meme! Some of the kids around here would take me apart without any training!

  2. Hah. I could take 21. Where on earth did you find that, it was funny.
    I love the cat on top holding it's breath till I subscribe. That is too adorable.

  3. I'll have to check that one out! LOL

  4. That video was so funny! Wait..."No funny! NO FUNNY!"

  5. That video was too funny. And I'm going to be overrun by little kids because I can only take on 10. Did you say you would use them as a battering ram?

  6. Dragonstar - LOL! Nah - you'd give 'em that mother's "don't even think about it" look and they'd shrink away in terror!
    Vanessa - YOU GO GIRL! I got it from Jules. I have no idea how she ever found it... Jules??
    AZ - Can't wait to see how many. For, though, it'd be WAY more fun to see how many t-ball coaches you could take! ROFL!!
    Jules - you wimp. OF COURSE I'd use the brats as a battering ram. Heck, if I had to I'd use them as nunchucks! Rotten runts! ;o)


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