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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baby Piglechaun

Burgh Baby's Mom has developed an unnatural obsession with some of the ugliest babydolls on the face of the earth. Her latest crush, in my opinion, is the unholy spawn of a union between Miss Piggy and The Leprechaun. Take a look at this and tell me (and her) if you agree.


  1. Oh my that is quite ugly!! Only the face a mother could love.

  2. My wee grand-daughter is much prettier than that!
    I suppose it might help people to know they can be loved even if they're ugly!!!

  3. Oh my. I'm sure that Mamma is very proud, but I have to admit that is one UGLY baby. It put the UGH in Ugly in fact. Whew!

  4. You know what? I've been caught before claiming a girl was a boy and being mightily embarrassed. I'm not going to comment. It would be my luck that is an acutal picture of someone's baby. The more I look at it, the cuter it is. :) Margie

  5. Akkkk! To true. I agree! I agree!

  6. UGH!!!
    Thanks for the link to Burgh Baby's Mom...lost her address...
    Um, Yeah, those dolls are extremely scarey...and I think you deciphered the parent pool on that one!
    Pax, E

  7. It's bad enough she's giving my nightmares with those things, now you have to join in, too?! Too funny. You did notice that dolls name is Piglet, didn't you? It's on his hat.

  8. You have solved one of the great mysteries in my life by figuring out who would love that face. PERFECT!

  9. Oh my is all I have to say.....

  10. That is very scary. Are you sure that is a baby and not an old man?

  11. I think that Burgh Baby's Mom last love was much more realistic looking. I liked her better. This is only second place in her heart I'm sure!

  12. I've heard of newborns who actually looked like that. Not my babies, of course, they were perfect in every way, naturally!

    Tee hee...

    That is one creeeeeeeeppppy baby face...

  13. That's scary. I'm going to have nightmares!!

  14. Aaaahhhh!! I am totally going to have nightmares tonight!! Thanks alot!! :)

    Yes that is ONE ugly doll.

    You know I came here looking for a laugh cause I really needed one, and my dear, you have suceeded!!

    Loves to you!!

    Pam and Rhett


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