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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Damama's Use it or Lose it Advice on: Nail Salon Safety - No Joking Matter

As a follow-up to yesterday's funny post, I feel it's important to point out that having your nails done is a very dangerous activity. Even the best salons occasionally make mistakes that can have serious consequences for consumers.

If you are one of those who gets manicures and pedicures, with or without having acrylic nails applied, please take a moment to click the links below and watch the videos. ESPECIALLY if you, like me, tend to shop hop, it is important to know what to watch for before allowing anyone to do anything to your feet, hands, or eyebrows.

This first video talks about an illegal acrylic liquid that I'm betting has been used on me. I had no idea there was such a product in use! Birth defects? Kidney cysts?? AACK!!!

This second one is a lengthy, but interesting look at problems that even I've seen at some salons.

And last but definitely not least, a news story out of Beaumont, Texas about dirty salons and the potentially HORRIBLE results they can produce. A MUST WATCH!

Ok, after seeing all that, if you've decided that it's just not worth the risk anymore and want to kick the habit, here's the safe and easy (and relatively not unattractive) way to make the transition.

Yes, you have to endure a couple of months of needing refills. As they grow out, just keep filing the acrylic thinner and thinner, especially where it stops and your natural nail starts (the fill-in zone). As the nails get longer, trim and file them to a shape you like, beveling the thicker acrylic areas so that there's not a blunt edge.

Put a solid coat of a neutral colored polish over the whole nail to camouflage the transition. By the time the nail has grown long enough to cut the overlaid part completely off, you've got your own healthy, undamaged nails back.

That damaged look comes from exposing the part of the nail that the fakes were attached to. With this technique, the damaged part is never exposed. Yes, you have a little bump where the acrylic stops, but that's what the neutral colored polish is for. Unless you point it out, almost nobody is going to notice. And if someone does notice and makes a rude comment, just ask them for a donation to your nail fund! Then use the money to go buy some chocolate. No, that's not deceptive. Chocolate purchased for psychopharmacology purposes is a perfectly legit way to use such contributions!

All jokes aside, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be a smart consumer. Ask questions, watch actions, and don't be afraid to WALK OUT THE DOOR if ANYTHING doesn't feel right.

Peace, Blessings and Pretty Pinkies to all!


  1. ..................................
    This little piggie went to market. This little piggie stayed home. This little piggie pushed the comments down so yours won't be croweded. Nice Piggie!

  2. I am very ticklish too and have only had two pedicures in my life, both last year. Gifts from my hubby for special occassions. Now, I have to tell him not to do that anymore. Scary.

  3. I cant handle a pedicure. I am to tickleish too. Ok I spelled that wrong, but thats ok. I used to get tips put on when I was like 17 - 22 or so, but I hated them. I like the way that they looked, but I got bored with them to quick, and I would bite them off (!! I know!!)
    so now I dont even worry about it. I do have a nice color on my toenail though. Its a pretty blueish purple from something (forgot what) fell on my big toe. Its better than nail polish because it has been that color for over a month now :)

  4. Maggie - Probably a good idea. I'm thinkin' he probably likes your toesies where their are, how they are! LOL!
    Jennifer - Hey!! You might just start a new trend! LOL! I'm in the process of catching up over your way - you've been a very busy girl! TTFN.

  5. That's all sooooo scary! My poor old twisted toes get occasional chiropody but they've never had a pedicure - and now they most certainly won't!

  6. Thankfully I have an awesome nail technician who is also extremely safe. I've seen some terrible salons though and some I won't go back to. I am very lucky!

  7. Good thing my cosmetologist is one of my best friends! I never get my nails done though, just my hair! Scary thought though!!


  8. Dragonstar - You got me with chiropody! LOL! Had to go look it up. Do you get massages there or what? I've wondered what the practitioners of the American version do.

    And yes - this has scared me enough that I'm doing my own tootsies from now on. Hubby's, too!
    AZ - you ARE lucky to have someone you've been with for a long time. I use to have a girl, but after she lost one baby she quit when she got pregnant with a second. She didn't want to lose another one. They told her that the stuff she was breathing all day long was very dangerous for the fetus. I'm glad she was able to quit, but I sure do miss her!
    Kathy - Isn't it nice to have friends who can do hair! My friend like that died about a year ago. She use to get mad at me for trimming my own bangs because I always made 'em crooked! She said, "the next time you even think about trimming these !&@#^ things I want you to stop and remember this: PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN AND BACK SLOOOOOOWLY AWAAAAAY FROM THE COUNTER!!" And to this day, every time I pick up a pair of scissors I can see her face behind me in the mirror shaking her head and saying.. NOOOOOO!!! LOL! She was such a hoot.

    Thanks for stopping by. I know you must be exhausted and I'm honored that you'd spend your little bit of free time with me. xoxoxo


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