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Monday, February 18, 2008

Smiles and Shivers of Randomness - Cowlentines, Zinias & Tofurkey, OH MY!

I've got all these things that I take pictures of when I'm out and about because I think, "HEY! Wouldn't that be cool to blog about!" But then I never get around to putting them in here. So here is the first installment starting with:


BUG'S VALENTINE came via UPS yesterday. To appreciate this, you have to know that cow jokes have been a running gag in our family for years. This is, therefore, quite possibly the most moooving Valentine I've ever received!

Did you notice up there that it even comes with baby cows in it's tummy!! My son is tooooo funny! LOLOL! And I love him very much.

While I was outside taking the above pictures, I noticed that my zinnias are blooming! In FEBRUARY! All three colors in the pot have gifted me with flowers and I wouldn't have noticed if Bug hadn't sent me that COWlentine! Last summer they refused to bloom at all, but now, here in this crazy, mixed up weather mess we've been in, they are doing great! I'm thinking that it's a gift from God to let me know that even in the hardest times, if you look, you will find beauty.

and now for the...


I was grocery shopping before Christmas (Yes - that long ago. I told you I've been snapping these pictures for a while now!) and saw this culinary delight tempting me from the frozen food section. I was grocery shopping yesterday and there is still some there, so it's not just a seasonal delicacy.

And I do apologize to those vegans who enjoy this type of thing, but as for me and my house... WHAT THE....????

Wishing you Peace, Blessings, Beauty in Bedlam and Tasty Tofurky.


  1. OK, so I just read your "cast of characters" after all this time (weird, huh) and I am dying over the "pin cushion in waiting" description. I had a bird like that and if my little brother hadn't killed it by soaking it down with Windex in an effort to clean the cage....well, you can pretty much count that I would have finished the deed. ;) He was only 5 and really just wanted to clean the cage...bless his heart.

  2. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to, but that Tofurkey stuff ROCKS. My meat-eating husband even likes it. We have to drive to the other side of town to get it and we totally are willing. Yum, yum, yum.

    That cow? is awesome.

  3. Susan - I so totally understand the wanting to kill the bird sometimes. Like when we are trying to watch a movie and she decides she needs to add her own sound effects. Your poor little brother must have felt so bad. Poor thing! Glad to see you, girl.

    By the way, I just posted a link to your nostalgia list. It made me smile, I figure it will others, too.

    BBM - Really? It's good? I don't think I could get past the texture of tofu even if it tasted chocolate. But you go ahead and enjoy it enough for me, too. LOL!!

    Glad to see you, here, too. I tried to check in on you, but for some reason my computer won't allow your new page to load. I've tried several times and it keeps throwing me back to that weird, website not found page that the internet does sometimes. Just thought I'd let you know why I haven't been over lately.

    Have a great day, y'all!

  4. LOL My sister in law eats that tofurkey (or however you spell it). I laugh at her because it smells nasty too!

    Love the flowers and I burst out laughing at the Cow!

  5. Come on, Tofurkey's great! Plus, turkeys are cool. Who could be mean to a turkey?

    Anyway, I stopped by because you mentioned something about a collie rescue at phd-w-9-kids' blog...I have a rescued collie and was part of one big transport, so was just curious.

  6. AZMom- I'm so glad to find someone else who has had experience with it. I keep trying to convince myself that it might be fun to at least try it, but now? If it smells bad, too, forget it! I'll just wait for Easter and hope they come out with a chocolate turkey thing.. chocolurkey?? LOL!!
    Amy - WELCOME! Email me if you want more info on the collies. They are all in good homes now, thankfully!

    I personally do not think that eating turkeys is dishonoring them. Quite the contrary, it helps them fulfill their higher purpose in God's plan. And as long as I'm not the one who has to shoot it, pluck it, gut it, and clean it I'm all for fulfilling Gods plans! With stuffing and cranberry sauce. Amen. ;o)

    Hope to see you back soon!


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