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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I had lunch with my very dear friend, MJ, today. Like a lot of old and true friends, even though we may not see each other but every 3-5 years, when we do get together, it’s like we were never apart. Today we lunched on Italian and once again caught up on life’s exploits.

When we got back to her house after lunch, she honored me with the privilege of looking at the scrapbook she put together for husband and the love of her life, Mr. B. In it she has lovingly and completely illustrated his life. Not only did she include pictures of his ancestors, his siblings, his childhood, his children, his former cars and former homes, but she also included all available pictures of both of his ex-wives. Seeing those exes in that book momentarily caught me off guard. I’m not sure that I’d be kind enough to include Hubby’s ex in the stuff I put down the garbage disposal, let alone memorialize her in his life book. But today I realized that that is wrong thinking.

As I sat there today with MJ this notion struck me, and I told her how awesome it was of her to honor Mr. B’s history is such a way. In doing so, she is acknowledging the part the exes played in making him who he is today. Without the lessons he learned in those relationships it is doubtful that he would now be the light of her life.

Through the years this warm, wonderful and strong woman has taught me many life lessons. I always come away from my time with her changed and enlightened. Today was no different. Thank you and I love you, my dear, dear friend!

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  1. I normally would have thought like you to NOT put in the ex's and parts of hubby's life that I was not in. However I found 2 scrapbooks when my parents died. One was my dads with pages and pages of him with other gals, dates, high school buddies and so on. I was thrilled to have these glimpses of who he was and who was important to him.

    My mothers was full of photos too but of her and her friends and awards. No men. I remembered her telling me that my dad made her get rid of them. I wish for some as I was curious.

    SO kudos to your friend - I will take that to heart as I do my hubby's scrapbook. Yes there are some other ladies in there - an ex-wife too!



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