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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Customer Service Rant

OK - I know this isn't what I promised the next post would be, but dagnabbit I'm so miffed that I can't seem to get started on the Thanksgiving thing I'd planned!

Does anybody else have problems at Home Depot? I can never find anybody to help me at our local store! I typically restrict my home improvement and hardware shopping to Lowe's even though it's nearly 5 miles from my house instead of just down the street. At least in our area, their prices are lower and the customer service is WAY WAY WAY WAY better.

Today I'd bought groceries and then remembered that I needed to pick up gutter clips so we can hang Christmas lights tomorrow. So, against my better judgement, I stopped at the Home Depot on the corner 3 blocks from my house. 30 minutes later I was home - with no clips, but with a full head of steam! Here's the complaint letter I put in their website's contact form:


I just spent 15 minutes roaming around your store looking for someone to help me find gutter hooks to hang my Christmas lights with. I SAW EXACTLY 3 PEOPLE ON THE FLOOR. I saw 2 ladies at the checkout, but one of them was counting out so couldn't be bothered to answer a question or call someone to help me. Instead, she hollered over at the self-checkout lady. The lady at the self-checkout (nobody at all was at the customer service desk or other checkouts) rolled her eyes at me, heaved a huge sigh and told me that she worked in the f.r.o.n.t. (she had to say it slowly because I obviously looked too stupid to be able to understand English) and didn't know where that stuff was. I asked her if she could call someone, but before she could find the phone and figure out who to call, more exasperated people showed up wanting help and/or to check out. I put my stuff on her stand and told her that I'd be glad to remove myself from her frustration equation... and I LEFT... AND I'M NOT GOING BACK... AND YOU DON'T CARE SO WHY AM I WASTING MY ENERGY HERE???? I've complained about this store before... My husband has complained about this store before... You never call or email that you give a rats behind, but I thought I'd try once more JUST BECAUSE I'M SO COTTON PICKIN' PEEVED!!! Ok.. Done ranting now. Happy Holidays... mine will be because I no longer have to worry about where to buy my hardware supplies... LOWE'S, HERE I COME!

Is anybody else out there sick and tired of the way customer service doesn't even remotely resemble "service" anymore??? So many places just don't care. I guess because they figure that for every ONE of me they lose, there'll be TWO MORE willing to just put up with it!

OK - I'm better now... Gonna go write my Thanksgiving story. Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. I'm going to have to plead the 5th on this one...wasn't I gone that week?


    I actually had a good experience there.
    I don't like that tracker thing either - I NEVER get some of them (like from you) when they post new and then others I get right away? Maybe we should find another service. Any ideas?

    AND you KNOW I HANG on your every word dear friend. Please pardon me just this one time....?



  2. Silly goose! And what are you doing up so late? You need your rest, young lady!

    You are forgiven... this time! ;o)

    I wonder how we go about finding a different tracking service... There have to be lots out there!

    OK - GO TO BED!


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