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Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy REAL Mother's Day!

My daughter and I are living proof that, while a sweet thought, this is at least partially untrue.  True: You will never get another *birth* mother (in our cases, basically an incubator that ultimately failed to function correctly). False: You CAN HAVE ANOTHER MOTHER! You can be loved and taught to give love. You can be cherished and learn to cherish. You can be blessed and pass those blessings on as a legacy that the original 'mother' couldn't even comprehend let alone enact.   

So, on Mother's day, rejoice in and celebrate not the woman who gave you birth, but the woman who gave you LIFE, LOVE, LAUGHTER, TIME, TEARS, and TROUBLE because SHE is your REAL mother. And count yourself twice blessed if she happens to be both.

Much love to all the REAL mothers out there doing it the hard way day in and day out.   ~Damama T

Photo credit to Facebook's Hot 98.3 https://www.facebook.com/Hot983Fan?fref=photo


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  2. Yup, you're right again. Happy REAL Mother's Day to you, too.

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  4. I absolutely agree! Having been given up by my birth mother, I know that my step mother is my real one!

  5. Komal - thank you. I miss having time to write as often as I use to.
    Dragonstar - I think of you sooooooo often, you cannot even imagine!
    Randi - Birth mothers are a dime a dozen. Real mothers are priceless! Glad you had one to step in when you needed her.

  6. awwww. Wow. It;s good to see the love being so strong. I actually wrote a poem for my mother though: http://therealjamike.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-first-time-i-fell-in-love.html


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