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Friday, January 1, 2010


The last decade brought changes of unimaginable magnitude into my life. We adopted MG. Twig went to prison, Bug married Lady N, Lady T moved out of the country - twice. ... and those are just a few of the major changes that happened.

This year is starting off with more bangs - but good stuff is on the horizon this time. MG is going back into the National Guard Youth Challenge Program later this month. In February Twig will be released to the halfway house and then home by the end of June. And I plan on losing more than 100 lbs. Yep, that's right. 1.0.0.

It's going to be another challenging year. How it'll turn out is anybody's guess, but I invite you to stick around. There'll be daily updates (yes, I said daily) full of rants and raves, laughter and tears. At the very least, it should be an interesting ride.

I just have one favor to ask. PLEASE leave comments. I need your support. I'm a junkie, you know. If I can't get my fix here I'll just revert to my old addiction and go eat something. (yes, that's blackmail. heh heh heh).

So for now, I'm outta here. It's been a long day of dismantling Hubby's annual Christmas Extravaganza. I'm going to be early.

Peace, Blessings, and Y'all come back now, y'hear!!


  1. I will leave comments :0)

    We still have our Christmas decorations up. It's never as much fun to take it down as it is to put it up.
    Chrismas night, Max felt that we should take all of the decorations down and not turn on our outside lights because "Christmas is over now!"

  2. I hope 2010 brings you so many blessings. I the words of an old friend, "May the best of the Old be the worst of the New".
    Every year I swear to lose weight - after all, I've done it once, so how hard can it be? Well, it is hard, I know, but this year, however hard and however long it takes, I WILL DO IT!

  3. Found you through NaBloPoMo. I'll be back. The best of peace, happiness and health to you for 2010

  4. I hope you have a wonderful and successful 2010. :)

  5. Oh good lord. A christmas EXTRAVAGANZA? Ugh, I can't even be bothered to disassemble our 4.5 foot tree hiding in the corner under my boyfriends /library/ of books he got for Christmas.

    And I hear you about having a loved one behind bars. My cousin got tossed in last August, due to accessory to murder. Ouch! However, it wasn't so much as "Accessory to murder" as "nieve country bumpkin watches his friend shoot a guy for no good reason." Still, because he didn't go to the authorities...

    Such is life. I worry about kids today, sometimes. Makes me feel much older than 23. I digress. I'm rooting for you in the weight loss realm, missy. I could stand to lose a decent chunk as well! All the best to ya!

  6. 100! OMG. You are going to need a lot of comments...

    Good luck!

  7. I am happy to have found your blog through the NaBloPoMo website!

    I would love to wish you a Happy New Year! And a lot of luck losing 100 pounds! I am also on a weight loss journey. I could lose 50+, but I am starting with a goal of 20 so I don't feel that it's so unreachable!

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens and how things go for you! =) I don't know you yet, but I'm looking forward to getting there!

  8. Okay, it's a deal- You write posts and I will comment. I promise!!

  9. I'll comment!

    Thanks for the texts we enjoyed them!

    Hopefully, my craziness will die down some and I'll get some posts of my own done.

  10. So glad to see you back and posting. You have a lot going on, but it sounds like 2010 is going to be a good year for you. keep posting, the support you get here is always like none other, but I guess you know that.
    Here is to a great New Year, that we will take one day at a time.

  11. Amy - HI! Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your January Noblo!
    Jillybean - I didn't put up a tree this year. No inside decor at all. Just the outside. Maybe you could help Max understand how lucky he is that he doesn't live at my house.. LOL! And that fun thing - not so much. It takes us an average of 36 hours to put all the outside stuff up. It takes about 6 hours to get it all down. Ours is agreat example of what Burghbaby calls Christmas Crazy. LOL!
    Dragonstar - Hi, sweetie! I love that quote. It is perfect. Good luck on your journey, too. Just be very glad you don'thave nearly as far to travel! Love to the family - especially Steven. LOL! xoxoxo
    Myfanwy - Welcome and best wishes to you, as well!
    Kris - Thanks, hon. Here's hoping yours is awesome, too!
    Rook - Just leave the tree up and tell people that you are paying omage to the books' ancestry! LOL!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. That's a hard road to travel. I hope he mentors the other kids in your family to be cautious about who they hang with.

    23 is a good age. Use it wisely, sweetie. It goes by way too quickly. And thank for the weightloss support. I'm gonna need all I can get.
    texasholly - ROFL! I love how you cut right to the chase!! So that means ya better drag your scrawny cowgirl butt back over here now and then to leave some love. ;o)
    Darla - Welcome! So glad I joined the Comments group. I love meeting all y'all!

    When I talk about losing weight the subject of how much always comes up. I tell people I want to lose 1 pound. After they pull their bug eyes back in their heads and close their shocked mouths I go on to explain that after I lose THAT one I'll worry about the next. It's a whole lot easier to 1 pound 100 times than it is to lose 100 once!

    Good luck with your goals, too!
    Robin!! I was just thinking about you! So glad to see ya poppin in over here! I'll be by to check on AbFab land real soon.
    Brandi - As usual I'm behind on lots of stuff, too. Like ... ummm... mailing things... I have a whole pile of stuff to get out this week. Yours is in it. ;o)

    Hope life isn't so crazy that you aren't taking care of yourself, darlin. Hug the kids and smooch Jon for me. But no tongue - that'd just be gross! ;o) Big HUGS to you, too!
    Cheryl - Happy new year to you, too. You're right about the supprot. It does make life much easier to cope with. I hope your girls are doing well and that you had a peaceful Christmas and New Year. xoxo


    TO ALL: THANK YOU for blessing me with your time and word. You've made this first step on this long road much less painful.

  12. Well it seems as though your year is going to be very busy. Hopefully it is busy in a positive way with minimal negatives.

    I will be reading a commenting, Happy New Year and best of luck with losing the 100 pounds!


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