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Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest with The Father, Bryson Drago Ross

Bryson, the son of Shellie Ross aka Military_Mom on Twitter, died today after a tragic accident. He was only two years old. Please take a moment to offer a prayer for the Ross family and if you have time, go post your condolences on her Twitpic tribute to Bryson or leave her a comment on her Blog 4 Mom page.

Hold on 'till Tomorrow
There are no words to ease the pain.
Nor enough tears to wash the sorrow.
There is only the knowledge that you are loved,
so hang on 'til tomorrow.
For in the morning all things are made new
and though your babe is gone,
the love you shared will carry you through.
So hold on till the dawn.
The night time comes to steal your peace
with the deafening quiet it brings.
But close your ears and open your heart
because that's where His voice sings
So rest your weary mind tonight;
Know that your son rests well
With the Father of all who knows the pain;
Whose teardrops also fell.
No, there are no words that can ease the pain.
Nor tears to wash the sorrow.
There is only the knowledge that you are loved.
And you WILL see him tomorrow.
~Tish Raiford (c)2007


  1. I've tried to get a journalist AND a police officer to research this to confirm this story in Florida and they cannot find any child that drown. I've tried to confirm this on every angle possible and there's no dead child. Then I'm thinking if a child died, would a mother be twittering at all? Really? Would she give a damn about what strangers think? Not a chance. So what's the story? I can't verify it, my journalist friend in Florida can't verify it and he stayed awake until 4am and will be working on it again in the morning. Police just called me again and he cannot find anything with that childs name as decesaed. Any help to verify as in a hospital location, a funeral home the child is at, anything beyond a 'mother's twittered word. I don't care if you hate me. I only care about others being hurt by a lie and so far there's no deceased child.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Her child died only hours ago and she's on twitter cussing people out. Seems so strange.

  3. Most of the bloggers I've met consider their blogverse and twitterverse as friends and so turn to them for support that is often not available elsewhere. I don't know if this story is true or not, but I simply cannot imagine someone going to that much trouble if it's not. Call me Pollyanna, but I prefer to offer prayers and lot God sort out the rest.

  4. Seems weird to me too. I want to embrace her and comfort her but really, I can't find anything on the story. When my first son died, I wouldn't call people, much less twitter back to cuss people out.

  5. I find quite a bit suspect. First, she posts to say prayers AT THE MOMENT he is discovered in the pool? The photographs just don't add up. Many are of a huge home on an island, and yet tiny small houses across the street..and the backyard where the ENCLOSED ROOM w pool has huge acreage beyond it. I don't mean to be suspect, however, there is nothing on any news media outlets...etc. I just find this very suspect. I don't know of any mom that would be posting pics only hours after a deceased child saying "just remember my million dollar child"...fact is...one would have to medicate me for hours and even at that ...reality does not set in on a death of child as this person is portraying. Sorry. I just really don't believe it.

  6. News Link. Prayers for the family.


  7. I'm sorry, but tweeting that your son died within the last half hour is incredibly crass. I do not believe for an instant that a normal woman/mother would even be able to remember how to log on to Twitter when her two-year-old had just drowned. The link provided to "verify" this story leads to a site that does not look exactly kosher, either. Something is rotten in Denmark.

    If it's true that this woman was taking pictures of her roosters and uploading them to Twitpic, and that during that process her son DIED by drowning, and yet she had the presence of mind to TWEET about his death, then went to get some sleep, then came back and logged back onto Twitter where she began cursing at people ... sorry, but a person like this lives in chaos of both the mental and enviromental varieties. The last thing she needs is more attention from Internet sources.

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