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Monday, November 23, 2009

My hairy problem

A story in pictures. Well, mostly...

Never in my life did I think I'd have to wax (ok, so it's duct tape) my COUCH!  Anybody have any suggestions on an easier way to get the hair out of the cracks... outside of keeping the dogs off the couch cuz, well, they pretty much own the house.


  1. LOL..I just leave a throw on the couch..the cats have claws too....Thank you for leaving me your rescued squirrel story. I have a friend who rehabs squirrels and she has given me a real appreciation for them. That was a very funny story...and sweet too.. Michelle

  2. Ever tried keeping any animal off the couch? Just doesn't work. At least it's only the cracks. I have a chair covered in the kind of fabric that attracts hair like a magnet and iron filings. I think hair floats through the air and attaches itself to the chair when no-one's looking.

  3. Lint rollers work pretty well. Pledge also has this duster roller out (sorry, I can't remember the exact name of it) that is supposedly just for this sort of thing. Good luck.

  4. Not much of anything better than duct tape. :)

  5. Lint roller! Hmmmm if I think of anything eles will let you know

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  7. The way I get rid of the animal hair on my furniture is I pretend it isn't there! Works wonders! LOL


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