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Friday, December 26, 2008

Norton Security Rant

Dear Norton:

The Norton Security Online provided by AT&T/Yahoo SUCKS! Yes, I said it. IT. SUCKS. Why would you foist a program like this off on people who trust your name? Does the fact that it came "free" with my AT&T U-verse package make it less important for it to actually catch people trying to attack my computer? Don't argue with me. It does NOT stop hardly anybody from dropping whatever nasty cookies they want to onto my system! Oh, I understand that people will try, but YOU are not supposed to let them! And if they do sneak by you, you are supposed to catch it when you automatically run that stupid scan of yours which is scheduled weekly right during my peak blogging time and slows down my system to a snail's pace and won't let me exit out of it without asking 9000 times if I am sure I want to cancel it and won't tell me how to reschedule it to some other more convenient running time!
Furthermore, why is it that every time the dang thing does finish running in only finds one cookie. JUST ONE. And the SAME just one every time! Every. Dang. Time. Same. One. Yet, when I run Ad-Aware it finds hundreds of cookies.. HUNDREDS!!! Ad-Aware kindly removes them for me and my system speeds back up to something similar to what I consider normal. Then a few days later when it slows back down again I have to run Ad-Aware again and... THEY'RE BAAACK! WHAT THE...?? WHY?? What good are you, Norton?? Tell me? What good at all????
So, I am officially notifying you that I'm switching back to McAfee. I NEVER had these problems with McAfee. It is quiet, cooperative, efficient and I can chat with a live support person anytime I need help. But most of all IT ACTUALLY KEEPS PEOPLE OUT OF MY BUSINESS!
Free, shcmee - I'll pay for something that actually works, thankyouverymuch! Yeah, that's right - thanks for nothing!
Your Soon-to-be EX-Non-Customer.


  1. DO you feel better now that you have your rant? I just posted one on my blog too about the inconsiderate people that I have over to my house today, and I sure feel better.
    I hope McAfee works better for you!

  2. Good for you, let it out. I hope Norton finds your letter and actually does something about it. I have frustrations with Norton also. I hope McAfee does a better job for you.

  3. Hehe that'll teach them! Or not but I'll switch with you cause my computers effin up too and I'm on norton. Let's go!

  4. I use Trend Micro now and love it! I also use CCleaner Ad Ware cleaner and between the two of them, I've never been attacked.

    Good luck finding something that you are happy with!


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