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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Make me over. PLEASE!

Do you ever watch Lifetime? You know, the cable TV channel? I don't usually spend much time watching TV unless it is something I've recorded so I don't have to sit through commercials. The other day I was watching a movie I'd DVR'd and had to pause my fast-forward to answer the phone. When I was ready to get back to my movie, I was intrigued by the commercial it had stopped on. Seems that if you go to Lifetime's website you can make yourself over with their Total Beauty Makeover tool. You can either play with their models or, fun of all funs, upload your own photo and futz around with yourself! It is so much fun to play with that I got sucked in for almost 3 hours. New hair, new makeup, new me! Well, old me with new do.

For quite a while now I've been toying with the idea of coloring my hair. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Believe it or not, the most I've ever done is add some highlights from time to time. Right now, it is totally natural -- gray and all. My naturally blond hair was a very solid YES answer to a prayer I sent up when I was a teenager. After watching so many of my blond friends' hair turn brown mousy or dishwater dirty I asked God to please let me have my Auntie's hair.

Like me, Auntie had blond hair all her life. As she got older, instead of going all dark, it stayed that beautiful childhood blond only changing with the growth of lovely silver highlights, slowly morphing into a beautiful, classic silver-white. My hair is doing the same thing. How do I know that it's a gift from God and not just genetics? I'm adopted, remember? So there's no blood connection to carry the trait. There's only a God connection to prove that even the smallest things are possible if we just ask. (Sorry, didn't mean to get all preachy, but this is one of those things that I feel pretty sure about and love for people to know so they can try it in their own lives. It is soooo cool when you realize that you just got blessed in a very tangible way. OK, back to the hair thing.)

So now you may be wondering why, if I have loved my hair all my life, am I thinking about changing the color. The simple answer is... I don't know. I just think it'd be fun to look a little different for a while. Not to mention that within the last two weeks I've had two people on different ends of the age spectrum comment on my lovely gray hair. IT'S NOT GRAY! IT'S BLOND WITH BEAUTIFUL SILVER HIGHLIGHTS. Of course, in my mind I'm still a 130 lb. hot model with smooth skin and an upper lip. Obviously my self image needs a makeover, too!

So here's the deal. I'm dropping in four photos. The first one is of me in October of this year, so it really is what I look like (dang it). I am so fair complected that I think I look all washed out and even older than my 52 years. The other three are the makeover shots. I want you to vote on which hair color you like best. With your help, at the end of the month I will decide how I want to start the new year. Leave me a comment and I'll tally them up in a post during the first week in January.

OK - Here goes ... (Note - the hideous eyeliner and fake lashes thing is NOT me! It was added by the program. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it without screwing up the rest of the stuff!)

1. Just plain old me.

2. Strawberry Blond

3. Auburn Brown

4. Dark Brown

OK - now go vote. And send your friends over to vote, too. Believe me, I need all the input I can get.
(Edited to fix the size of those pictures! Much better! In the process, though, I noticed that the program removed my double chin! YAY! Why can't ALL photo editing programs do that. They have a button for red eye, why not add one for peach pudge?)

Peace, Blessings, and Lady Clairol calling!


  1. OH MY FLIPPIN STARS! Those pictures are HUGE! I could try to make them smaller, but I'm lazy. Sorry if I made your eyes bleed!

  2. Ok if I had to choose I would probably say strwberry blonde. My second choice would be the auburn. The dark brown seems to dark for your complexion. But even with the other 2 colors you need some kinda other color on there too. I need to do something with my hair too. Never have died my hair before though. I'm a scaredy cat!

  3. Damama given the time difference, I'll be one of the first to comment. Fortunately, believe me when I say "Stay as you are". With the other colors you would look like a Playmobil character!
    Losing your blond hair with silver reflects...bla;..bla would take your personality away, at least the personality that appears on your face. See what I mean? You would Stay You with someone else's face: the beginning of dual personality conflicts : )
    I've never change my hair color either.- Just for information.

  4. I like your natural hair color best. I didn't think that any of the other colors worked with your complexion. What if, instead of coloring your hair, you just use a curling iron to give it a little more body? If you color your hair, it may not grow back the same color as it is now. Any natural change will not seem gradual.

    Of course, I'm no expert. I've never even had highlights. There was one time when my mom sprayed some kind of lemon stuff in my hair during the summer. I don't think it had much effect though.

  5. I like the "Plain ole you" best of all. The others look too harsh to me. But I understand wanting/needing a "change" sometimes. I've highlighted my hair before and loved it. But it is too expensive to do on a regular basis. (For me anyway.) Margie

  6. I like your natural color too, however, if you absolutely need to change it, I would say the strawbery blonde.

    I'm one of those people who had the light blonde hair as a child and it's gone dark.


  7. Add another vote for natural color! :) I dye my hair ALL THE TIME, so I'm not against dying, I just think yours is so pretty. If you feel you must dye it, I'd go with a shade of blonde (i'm always partial to adding red, so maybe a light strawberry blonde).

    That reminds me...My silver is showing, time for me to start searching colors too! LOL

  8. I would go with a (not listed) dark blonde, or light brown.

    But, of the choices listed, I liked your haircolor best! LOL!

  9. Oh damama! I'd go with what God gave you. :)

    IF you want a change, why not play with some subtle highlights? In the stawberry blonde?

    I have seen photos of me when I played with color and I always go back to what I said - stick with what God gave ya - he knew what he was doing!

    LOVE your editing! You are so brave!


  10. I vote for #1. I am a big fan of highlights so if you choose to go with one of the other three or even your regular hair color I vote for some type of highlights to go with it.

  11. Damama---I love the natural you too much to vote on a color. You're so gorgeous just as you are. I, too, have thought about a color change, but I like my blonde hair too much to go through with it.

  12. SudsWife - I'm a scaredy cat, too. That is exactly why I haven't just done it! LOL!
    Cahterine - LOL! I like that explanation. I sure don't want to develop a split personality! I'm cracked enough already! LOL!
    Brandi - Curling irons don't work because my hair is so baby fine. I might get a perm, though?? You are right about the growing back in process. That would be a pain!
    Margie - Harshness is the very reason I've always feared making a change. I don't want to look like one of those bar hussies that looks like she's been "rode hard and put up wet" !! LOL!
    Jillybean - Sorry about your blond loss ;o) But I've seen your pictures - you look great just the way you are, too!
    Teri - LOL! Dang roots! That is another of my fears of dying. I had a boyfriend ask me once why I didn't have that dark streak down the middle like other blonds at school. I fear the skunk look! LOL!
    Sunshine - Dark blond hi-lites are a definite possibility. I'm leaning more and more toward nothing more drastic than that. But maybe light brown.. mmmmm
    Lucille - Brave?? ROFL! If I was brave I would have just jumped into Mrs. Clairol's arms and floated away on a brown sea! LOLOL!
    Brandy - Highlights is probably the way I'm going. Or would they be low lights since I'm trying to get some color and texture into it? ???
    Sandra - YOu are so sweet. God love your pea-pickin little soul. I haven't been called gorgeous in ages!

    OK, folks - sounds like the general consensus is that I should stay blond and add some life by doing high/low lights. I wonder what hubby will think... I must go send him a link to this and ask his opinion! LOL! Will let you know soon what I decide.

  13. Hey sweet woman.

    I think you should stay natural and if you want some za za zoom... add some low-lights. I think some low-lights would be gorgeous.. but your natural haircolor is just beautiful.

  14. I'll tell you from experience, that if you go red (or strawberry blonde) it will fade to a nice blonde with reddish undertones. Quickly. Reds don't last as long.

    BUT on the plus side, I will also tell you that pervy men you've never slapped eyes on before will grin and ask you if you're "a natural" AND no crank or grump will mess with you--even if you admit it's from a bottle. That red-head rep temper can work for fakers like me, too.

    I pick RED. Seriously. It's more fun that blonde could ever be!

  15. I like your hair color as it is. I have baby fine and thin hair too...what I found that helps is the blow drying brush. I LOVE it...it helps lift it while I am drying it and then I just have to curl the bottom. Grrr sometimes having baby hair isn't so fun when you aren't a baby LOL.

  16. I love your silver blond. I go with the consensus on this. Baby fine hair is so difficult, But you'd look great with more width up the top. Maybe low-lights too. Talk to your stylist.

  17. Stick with the natural you...she's lovely! I'm praying for my grandmothers' (both) pure white hair...oh, so pretty.


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