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Saturday, April 5, 2008


'd I scare ya? Well, I scared me! Not because these things are pretty darn accurate, but because MY BRAIN HAS STOPPED WORKING! I was doing some catching up yesterday morning and ran across this somewhere. I remember the comment I left. Something to the effect of: This looks interesting, I'll have to try it when I get back in town (from my whirlwind, overnight roundtrip run to Fort Worth to see Twig). Well, I'm back, and I thought I'd pop this in while I get my real next post worked up. So what's the big problem? I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I FOUND THIS AND MADE THAT COMMENT! AACK!! Therefore, if you are that one, please leave me a note to jog my memory so I can give you credit for having pointed this fun out.

Getting old is making me a very scaaaaaary-forgetful lady.

You Are a Haunted House

You are a deeply complicated and sometimes deeply disturbed person.

You can't help but be attracted to the dark side of life - even when it's pretty gruesome.

In relationships, you are honest and real. So real that it's definitely a little scary.

You don't fake it or play along just to get along. And people either respect this... or deeply resent it.

Your life is thoughtful, deep, and even philosophical at times.

You see the world as it is. You don't sugar coat anything.

Facing and fighting your fears is important to you. You believe that too much of life is whitewashed.

You're not too morbid... you just believe that you can't enjoy life without exorcising a few demons first!
At your best, you are brave, intense, and fearless.

Not only do you face the abyss head on - you challenge your friends to do the same.

At your worst, you are depressed and morose.

If you're not careful, your thoughts take over your mind... and they aren't pretty!

I'll have some fun stupidity up later this week about the trip. But Monday is a very special day, so please check back then for a very special edition of Meet the Kids.
Wishing you Peace, Blessings, Love, Laughter, and just enough scary stuff to keep life interesting.


  1. I'm a haunted house, too.

    "......sometimes a deeply disturbed person.....

    WHAT???? lol. I'm ALWAYS a deeply disturbed person.

    Just kidding.

    Fun quiz. :)

  2. It said I'm a carousel. I think I'm a mix of carousel and haunted house. LOL the people that know me would probably think the same without even reading the descriptions. Maybe I should sing a song about being a Carousel. LOL kidding!

    Can't wait for your special Monday Meet the Kids post!

  3. Looks like fun - maybe I'll do it when I have a little time. And then again, maybe I'll forget all about it! If you think your brain gets foggy, you should try mine - it's older than yours!!!

    You're welcome to come and rummage through my knick-knacks (!) any time. And thanks for the totally zany comment on my "K"nives!!

  4. I though our minds disappeared when we had kids. I'm so forgetful now that I frequently call the kids the wrong name. They should know that I mean them if I am talking to them and looking at them. It doesn't matter what name I said.

  5. Tammy - that same thought went through my mind... "Really?? Just sometimes???!!" LOL!
    LIsa - Shux!! I popped over to see what all the attributes of a carousel are but you didn't post yours. :o( Maybe Later? Or, YES, a song would be a great idea. A LOOOOONG, detailed, heart-felt song! That's the ticket!! ;o)
    Dragonstar = Do what? LOL!! Careful - I have an AmEx card and know how to us it! xoxoxo
    Mommee - With nine kids I'm amazed you EVER remembered all their names! They should consider themselves lucky they didn't get named Hey You 1, Hey You 2, Hey You 3... LOL!!

  6. Well. I'm commenting. But it's so late that I'm probably making no sense and my typing speed is WAY down.
    So you're a haunted house? Is that why that eye is blinking at me up top?

  7. Jules - MWAAAHAA HAA HAA! I know all and see all. Be glad you commented. heh heh heh. ;o)

  8. Damama, I love how it describes you as honest and true. I took the test and came out a Ferris Wheel...I dunno about that one.

  9. I did it and I was a haunted house too. I didn't quite get it but it was fun to do!!


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