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Monday, January 7, 2008

My first award!

My sweet friend, Dragonstar, gave me this award back in December, but it took Hunker D's computer savvy to help me figure out how to get it posted here. Duh! Once we figured it out, it's easy! So, here, with pride, is my award
And in keeping with the spirit in which Dragonstar gave it to me, I'm passing it on to two others who never fail to to stand by me:

Margie - My "anonymous" friend who keeps me cracking up with funny emails and wonderful pictures of her A-Dora-ble grandaughter.

Lucille - My separated at birth blogsister.

Love to all. Will put up a real post soon - Bug insists that I tell something goofy on myself since I've told silly on him so much! LOL! Coming soon: Cheesy Cheescake.



  1. Hi! So glad you managed to sort it out. I kept meaning to get back to you, but for one reason and another I've not been quite myself. Recently I've only been using my computer for playing patience and silly games!

    I've another award for you - I'm passing on the 'treasure' one at last, and your blog is certainly a treasure. You can always cheer me up!

    I hope 2008 brings you the best possible of everything.

  2. Congratulations! I only recently discovered your blog, but it has quickly become one of my favorite reads.

  3. How sweet, Congrats on the reward! Thanks for the wonderful advice!!



    Wow - how did you hold off for so long? I don't think I could wait that long to post it! Of course, I probably don't know how to do it either - LOL!

    YOU deserve it - woo-hoo - way to go!

    I'm sure it is one of many to come your way!



  5. Oh - one more thing...gulp - you passed it to ME?

    I am speechless.

    THANK YOU so very much! Thank you!

    I'll try to figure out how to pass it on and how to post it.

    I am honored!

    You are my blog sister as well. I love that saying!

    Night night...sissy! or would it be bissy for blog sister? Ha, ha.


  6. Congrats!! You deserve this award!! Glad you had a great holiday.


    Pam and Rhett

  7. Way to go!

    I have to ask (Well, I guess I don't have to, but I'm going to anyway.) :)
    Did your kids watch the Winnie the Pooh movies or did you read the stories to them? Or, did the TTFN come from somewhere else?

  8. I'm not sure I'm deserving of this award, but I certainly feel very honored that you would select me to pass it on to. Thank you so much. As I don't have a blog of my own, I would like to ask you to pass it to Kellan over at "On the Upside" for me. Although, I've never posted a comment on her site, I do read it often and love her postings. Again, thank you for selecting me. It's the nicest thing that has happened for me in quite a while.
    Love ya
    PS I've been anonymous because I'm not sure how this stuff works. :(

  9. Hi gang! Sorry it's taken so long to respond. Blue funks hit at the weirdest times! But I'm back now so ...

    Oh, Dragonstar! You are such a sweetheart! I cannot belive you! For the last two days I've been in a self-abusive, I'm-such-a-screw-up mood. Thanks for making me feel like I've done something right!
    Heather - thanks. We must have formed a cross-addiction, 'cuz I love checking in on your corner of the world, too!
    Kathy - thanks and you are welcome. xoxo
    Luc - I held off for so long because for some reason I grew a whole mess of stupid cells in the "how to get it from here to there" section of my brain! LOL!!


    OH! AND... I guess the choices for a hybrid word would be either bissy or blister. I'm thinking maybe blister isn't such the good choice!! So, xoxoxo bissy! LOL!
    Pam - Thank you. Holidays at my house are always bittersweet, but thanks for the well wishs! xoxo

  10. Brandi - Thanks! And the Winnie the Pooh thing is an old favorite. When the boys were younger one of their traditions was to give ME a Pooh or a Disney tape for Christmas and then we'd watch it together. I have almost all of them! I miss those days. Dang kids! Had to go and grow up on me! LOL!
    Margie - I'll pass it on to Kellan for you. And yes, you DO deserve it! And as I told you, if you ever want to venture into the blogverse let me know and I'll help you get started.


  11. Congratulations on your award and thanks for the comment on mine today. I left you a long comment on your other blog - please go read it - thanks for the great award. Kellan


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