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Thursday, December 13, 2007


I am soooo frustrated! Why is it that there are so many times that when we try to do something good, the Universe finds a way to turn the good deed around and bite us in the butt??

Yesterday I was at the store picking up groceries for the weekend and, as I always do, checked out the clearance table. They had a lot of cute Fall and Thanksgiving decorations priced way low for quick sale. I found the cutest set of candleholders. I was so excited! They were perfect for the idea I have of decorating my Christmas table while Bug and Lady N are here. I felt so lucky to have snagged the last pair! Little did I know, as I smugly laid them in my basket, that the Universe had picked just then to show me that I’m still at its mercy.

As I walked down the spice aisle, there was a sweet little lady wheeling along in her motorized buggy. We both stopped at the same time in front of the spices. I’d found my chili powder and had started to move on when she asked me to help her reach the saffron on the top shelf. Always mindful of the fact that some day it may be ME in that chair, I never refuse to help where possible. I gladly turned my basket around to retrieve her jar of gold. (Have you ever bought saffron?? I was amazed to see this tiny speck of stuff in the bottom of a jar with a price tag of $7.94 for .025 ounce! That makes it about $300 AN OUNCE!!! I looked it up online and this is the best description and price I could find. No, I didn’t look that hard. It’s not like I was shopping for chocolate or something!)

I handed the grateful little lady her prize and we talked briefly about the rice dish she was making with it. I swear, the whole exchange didn’t take more than 30 seconds - 1 minute tops! But when I turned back to my basket to continue shopping, MY CANDLEHOLDERS WERE GONE! I’d very carefully nestled them into a little bed I’d made for them with my sweater on top of my purse (which I always zip up and latch into the child seatbelts and cover with my sweater to be sure nobody walks off with it! THANK GOD!!). But now there was just an empty nest! SOMEBODY STOLE MY CANDLEHOLDERS!! RIGHT OUT OF MY BASKET! WITH ME STANDING NOT 2 FEET AWAY!

If this isn’t a classic case of “no good deed goes unpunished” then there’ll never be one! It got me to thinking about all the other times I’ve tried to do something nice and ended up shaking my head when I was left holding the very short end of the cosmic stick. And I KNOW I’m not alone in this! I bet everyone who reads this will have some story to tell.

SO HERE’S MY ANSWER TO THE UNIVERSE’S SICK SENSE OF HUMOR: I’ve started a spin-off blog where you can go and enter your story in the comments. It’s a bloggers open bitch-o-rama session where, as long as you don’t name names, defame anybody specifically, or use foul language you can whine to your heart’s content!

So, go visit my new spin-off blog, NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED and leave us your story. I’ve already posted another whine. It starts off like this…

I have this major aversion to killing bugs. Close your mouth and stop rolling your eyes at me! I try my best to always put them outside instead of just squishing their tiny guts all over my domicile. Most of them are very grateful –

If you want to hear the rest you’re gonna have to go over to the new blog

Oh - and if you happen to live in Texas and have dinner at a home where they have decorated the table with pretty, new candleholders that are orange, green, and gold entertwined leaves, that they got the last pair of at the grocery store's clearance sale, please give them a message for me:

I'll get you, and you're little dog, too!!

Peace, Blessings, and Cathartic Relief to all!


  1. Sorry I am laughing at your funny story, it really isn't funny it is just so true to life!!!

    I can't think fo any stories right now but when I do I will be at your new blog sharing it!!


  2. Sounds like one bad person, not the whole universe. Guess they needed those candlestick holders worse than you did, if they had to steal them, right? Still, your good deed to the wheelchair person is more important than those candlestick holders...and that bad person will get what's coming to them.

  3. That is funny and NOT funny at the same time!

    I've never had that happen to me - oddly enough - we share almost every other experience.

    Congrats on your good deed. Warms the soul doesn't it?

    And hey - Karma is a BITCH! That person will get what they get and probably whine about it when it happens!


  4. Christina - you were supposed to laugh! LOL!! It really was funny - when I said that I smuggly put them in my basket, I wasn't exagerating! I'm betting somebody decided that I was just a little too cocky!

    NO, Angela - the whole universe is after me! I know it! The Universe is like a comedien with a new schtick. Once somebody laughs at it, the comedien feels compelled to keep it up, with added twists and turns to keep the audience in stitches... I'm the Universe's audience... it loves making me laugh!

    LOL! HOw many other people do you know that have had drunk guys stalk them through lowes, been bug stink bombed, had a squirrel get out of a bag that healthy, ticked off cats couldn't escape, etc., etc., etc. LOL!!

    I truly don't take any of it personally! It's just a lot more fun to make my days - and now my blog -more enjoyable. ;0) XOXOxo!
    LUCIIIIILLLLLE! You said a wirtydird!! UMMMM, I'm tellin' MOM!! LOLOLOL!!

    If it hasn't happened to you yet, just hang on, something similar will -- SOON! We do seem to be on the same road a lot!

    And thank all three of you for commending my good deed. I feel blessed and honored to so often be presented with opportunities such as that. I'll have to write up the story about the little old deaf lady I helped in a store once!

    I'm so grateful for my new friends, too... xoxo

  5. Did you not go running around the store looking in baskets to see who did it? Oh man...I would have been on the hunt for the person who did this!

  6. OH, Michelle! You caught me! I DID walk around looking. I actually stood at the front pretending to look at the stuff on the bulletin board while keeping an eye on people checking out hoping to see somebody carefully wrapping ANYTHING!

    The very evil thought went through my mind that it was the little lady who took them and just stuffed 'em in her purse. It happened way too fast and I'm usually really good about keeping my eye on my stuff! LOL!! Isn't that a mean thing to think!

    Thanks for popping in again!


  7. Well here's one for you.....

    I was getting groceries, and Rhett has this thing where anytime we go to the store he immediatley signs cracker or cookie.....or both...

    Well since I am a sucker and he is so damn cute, we head straight for the cracker/cookie isle and get him either some soft batch peanut butter cookies or some Chicken in a Biscut crackers.

    Saturday was cracker day. He is sitting in the cart chowing away, and we get up to the check out counter......

    Well there happens to be a lady there with like 50 kids and she is screaming like a banshee at them. I try my best to ignore them, and put my stuff on the checkout counter. Rhett asks for another one, and I walk to it, open it up, and give him one.

    Crazy lady and her 50 kids leave, and the whole store breathes a sigh of relief.

    Rhett signs cracker again, I go to get him another one, and poof, they are GONE.

    She was finished getting rang up by the time I put them up there, so I know she didn't buy them. One of her stinky little hooligans took them.

    My sweet little two year old's Chicken in a Biscut crackers gone. He was PISSED when there weren't anymore, and I really didn't want to fight the holiday crowd and run to the back of the store and get another box.

    I tried to bribe him with M&M's but it wasnt' as good as his beloved crackers. Sigh......

  8. LOL That totally sounds like something that would happen to me! I will have to check out your other blog!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)Yes, adoption is a wonderful thing and it's nice to meet others in our adoption family!

    Have a wonderful holiday! And a special happy holidays to your son "Bug" from one "little bug" LOL

  9. OH PAM!! TELL ME WHERE TO GO AND I'LL GO KICK SOME BRAT BOOTIE! I cannot believe those little snits took that baby's crackers! I know it must be hard to have a bunch of kids to deal with, but come on - teach them SOME manners!

    Hug him for this grandbaby deprived Grannywannabe, OK. If I was there I'd buy him a whole case!!!


    HI AZMOM! I'm so glad you stopped in. We'll have to continue to explore what else we have in common. It amazes me that I'm finding commonality with so many here! Lucille and I seem to have been separated at birth! And there are several others with whom I share neat stuff!

    Welcome to the party... did you bring the chips? LOL! ;o)



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