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Monday, November 12, 2007


About the time I hit the publish button last night my phone rang. It was my Twig (the food critic) calling me at 11:30 to tell me happy birthday and that he loves me! Then, as I was hanging up from that call, my cell phone announced that I had a new voice mail. It was Bug (the anatomy specialist) with his wife, Lady N, hollering in the background, both wishing me well. The timestamp said 8:31 p.m. my time. That's 9:31 their time. (Why, then, did my cell phone carrier take THREE hours to get it to me?? grrrrr!!)

So, I must now offer up my apologies for having thought that perhaps they'd forgotten... I must further eat serious crow because I DID forget Lady N's birthday which was on the 9th. I can only offer up the very lame reason (definitely not even a lame excuse) that this is the first birthday she's officially spent in our family... I've only been her mother-in-law for about a year now. OK, so they've been together for two of her birthdays... OK, so I'm a big heel all the way around. Can I claim Old Timer's Forgetsey?? Better yet, I think I'll just head over to that gift certificates website and pop them a belated something or other.

Well - it's off to Walgreens to check out the Wrinkle Decreaser recommended by Lucille over at http://whosgoingtotellyou.blogspot.com. I figure, what's it gonna hurt to at least TRY to conceal some of them?? LOL!! But before I spend a wad of money on that name brand product, I'm going to make sure it's not the exact same stuff they put in hemorrhoid cream. No, wait hemorrhoid cream is for puffy eyes... OH HECK! Now I'm completely confused. Maybe I'll just buy both. Then I'll be covered from top to bottom! Believe me, it cannot hurt!!


  1. I thought I was the ONLY ONE who tried the hemmoroid cream trick that Hollywood swears by! I didn't like it - too smelly and too greasy and it didn't DO ANYTHING for me but make my eyes burn!

    And THANKS for the link back to me! I'll have to get more savvy and figure out how to do that so I can return the favor. Your blog is very very good. Keep up the nice work.


  2. Happy belated b-day. I hope all is well in your world.


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