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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Racism is real

Born in the mid-50s, I was raised in a time when even the mention of thinking a Mexican guy at school was cute earned me a beating by my dad and a warning that I'd better never bring any of those f$&@^% Sp**s home and that even talking to a N* would get me a worse beating. I was grounded for befriending a 'mentally unbalanced' girl who dressed in army pants and boots and called herself Jeoff and warned that if I decided to start acting like that I'd get yet another beating. The people of my generation were caught in the crossroads of the stereotypical old racist attitudes and the dawning of the age where we truly believe that everyone is created equally and should be given every opportunity to be happy and successful. 

I am pleased to report that the lessons of our parents' generation did not take well with us.  Thank God!!  

Through the miracle of Facebook I've reconnected with lots of the people I went to high school with.  Of those, several married someone with a different skin color, more than several have children who married someone with a different skin color, and almost all of them have beautiful grandchildren.  

In a time when the mainstream media and the radical left is doing its dead-level best to divide us, I encourage you to actually take a look around at your real world experience.  If all you see is a sea of the same color skin then you might need to consider broadening your perspective a little.  But I'm betting that as you start really looking you'll start noticing that we are not as divided as they'd like us to believe. When was the last time that anyone in your real world made any kind of disparaging comment about anyone's "race"? (By the way, we are all one "race" -- the human race!  I still don't understand why somebody started using that word to describe different skin tones.) 

 Then I challenge you to speak up, push back, and stand strong against the enemies of this country who are trying so hard to use skin color to take us down.

Peace, love, and strength to you all.

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